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How Club Fitting Tips and Reviews Can Help You Become the Master of Your Game

Every golf player aims to be the best they can be, if not the best on the course. To be your best, you have to utilize every advantage you can. For one, you should have equipment suited to you. It is not enough that you have “proper” golf equipment– that equipment should complement the way you play your game. To make the most of the equipment in your bag, every golfer should do a club fitting tips.

If you are new to the game of golf, there are a lot of golf fitting tips and reviews on Youtube to guide you. Additionally, you should know that club fitting is a very crucial aspect if you want to be your best on the course.

What is Golf Fitting?

Regardless of your level of play, a custom club fitting is essential to bring your game to a new height.

Every golfer has a distinct golf swing. A golf fitting should be done to get the perfect set of clubs for each golfer. Golf fitting is the process whereby a professional golf fitter customizes your set of clubs to match the way you play your game. For a perfect fitting, every single aspect of the club must be analyzed, including the shaft, grip, and feel. Playing with golf clubs that suit your body type, swing, and skills will significantly enhance your performance. 

Club Fitting Tips

If you are new to golfing and you are planning to get a golf fitting, there are several things to know. You can get club fitting tips and reviews from the Youtube channels of people who are professional fitters. Club fitting tips and reviews can be hugely beneficial for you. These videos can serve as your guide on what you should expect before and after custom golf fitting.

Here are some club fitting tips that you can search for on Youtube:

1. Do your research

Never ever go to a battle empty-handed. Before you go to your club fitting appointment, make sure that you do some research. Researching will give you an idea of what a fitter will do during club fitting. 

Watching how club fitting works is better than reading its process, right?

2. Do not give the fitter the most idealized version of yourself

Be honest. During the golf fitting, do not focus too much on how you swing your club. Rather, you should focus on producing quality shots. Give your fitter an accurate representation of how you play your game on a daily basis. You do not need to cover up the flaws of your game just because you want to show the best version of yourself. Doing this will not help the fitter customize the right clubs for you. 

3. Try Everything

Take your sweet time and try as many golf clubs as you can. Just because someone you know uses a particular club and has a long drive doesn’t mean that you need to use that club, too. Find a club that fits your swing. However, finding the club that suits you does not necessarily mean that it’s the only thing you need to bring to your fitter. Bring your whole bag with you. You will not need everything in it, but it may help your fitter in finding the best club for you.

4. Don’t stress

Your professional fitter has seen better and worse golfers than you. Remember that your fitter is there to find the right club for you and not to judge you. Be at ease so that you will have a smooth fitting process. Stressing out during the process will only result in bad swings.

5. Know the price

Club fitting is an investment. There are videos on Youtube that tackle the process of club fitting as well as its price range. Watching such videos may help you prepare for the whole fitting process.

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