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Beef Up Your Next Golf Game with Custom Club Fitting In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wondering why your playing partner seems to be at ease on the sloped, challenging greens of Tulsa? Is it the shirt? Is it the shoes? Probably not. It could be they got fitted at a studio in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. If you’ve never been fitted, your score can probably stand to get a boost.   

For years, new technologies paved the way for golf manufacturers to cater to players’ evolving golf needs. Today, you won’t see professionals buying off-the-rack clubs. Now players can buy heads and shafts that are tailored to their mechanics. In Tulsa, Tour Quality Golf could be your golf ally to gear you up for your game’s next level. 

Explained: Why Does Custom Club Fitting Matter?

Everybody has a unique swing; why would everybody need the same club? While you can hit some good shots with clubs off the shelf, unless you’re incredibly lucky those clubs aren’t helping you play your best games. No matter your level of play, you can benefit tremendously from custom-fitted clubs. 

Believe it or not, equipment advancements and launch monitors make playing golf less complicated. In this day and age in golf, it’s possible to determine whether you’re hitting with clubs that are too short or too long. The whole fitting process eventually reveals problems, and then the expert fitter can make adjustments to help you find your sweet spot. Without the need to change your swing, a properly fitted club can even correct weak ball flight. Overall, expect the best chance for success, improvement, and enjoyment. 

What Happens During A Golf Clubs Fitting? 

Everybody can optimize their equipment and achieve longer, more accurate shots. With mis-fit clubs, you are adding points to your score. Just like tailored clothing, custom-fitted golf clubs are designed to your specs to correct shortcomings. Here’s what to expect when you enter a golf fitting shop: 

  • First step: Interview Process

Club fitting begins with your professional fitter obtaining the necessary information. Questions may include your current club specifications, what you like or hate about them, your ball flight tendencies, and your expectations for your new gear. To make sure that your expectations are met at the end of the fitting, answer as clearly and honestly as you can. 

  • Second step: Evaluation of Current Play

To help you perform to your best ability, your fitter will look at your golf bag to see what you’re playing with. Then, fitters need to measure each of these clubs’ characteristics and pinpoint what could potentially be hurting your gameplay. Flex length, swing weight, loft and lie – these are some of the factors your fitter will be examining in your current set. 

  • Third step: Static Measurement

Through the use of technology for swing analysis, your fitter will start evaluating your shots on the course. With hybrids, fairways and drivers, the discussion will revolve around varying models, lofts and shafts. In case of the iron fitting, the fitter will obtain information about your body type, including your physical measurements, as well as swing plane and tempo. 

  • Fourth step: Swing and Ball Flight Analysis

After a static measurement is made, fitters will make sure that the profile you first receive matches your actual gameplay. With launch monitors, they will let you use and swing different clubs with distinct specs. The process guides the fitters to decide which color code, loft, model, shaft flex, length and grip will give a player the best ball flight. 

  • Fifth step: Recommendation

Once you have tried out several golf clubs and gone through an intensive fitting process, it’s now time for the fitter to recommend the club that best matches you.  The final decision will always be yours; however, expect a qualified fitter to provide specific recommendations as to what gear will give you the best shots. 

Take your golf game to new heights. The current set in your golf bag might serve you well, but it’s always a wise decision to step up your game with clubs matched to you. Hit more fairways and score lower by getting your clubs fitted at a trusted, professional golf shop at Tulsa. Schedule your club fitting today at Tour Quality Golf and start optimizing both your enjoyment and your performance! Call us at (918) 221-7096 or visit our site here.