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Proper Gripping: How Replacing Your Golf Grips Can Improve Your Game

If you are an experienced golfer, you know the advantages of upgrading your equipment. One enhancement that often gets overlooked is replacing your grips regularly. Most people underestimate the importance of their golf grips. What they do not know is that this part is the main reason why they can initiate perfect swings in the first place. Whether you are an amateur or professional, regularly replacing your grips is essential.

Why Should I Replace my Grip?

Having an excellent grip can help you deliver the right swing. Your playing style also depends on your hand size and condition, so you should consider getting a grip that suits you. The most important reason to replace your grip is to keep your club from slipping from your hands. Plus, instead of buying a new club and getting rid of the one you are already comfortable with, you can buy a new set of grips matched to your hands. This way, you can save money and time by replacing your grips on your own.

Benefits of Replacing Grips

There are numerous benefits to replacing your grips:

  • Increased Traction – replacing your grips can increase the traction you get when you hold your club. This can result in better swings since you will have a firm hold.
  • Better Performance During Rainy Days – worn out grips will get slippery when it starts to rain. With new grips, you can get a firmer hold while playing, making it easier to strike in the rain.
  • Increased Comfort – apart from improved performance, getting new grips can spoil you by providing remarkable comfort while playing. This is possible since you can choose the specific grip size and style that suit you and your playing style.

Different Types of Grips

Every grip type depends on the golfer using it. There are leather-wrapped, rubber, corded, and hybrid golf grips. To understand what type you need, let us take a more in-depth look at each of these:

Wrapped Grips

This type of grip is mostly wrapped in leather or synthetic materials to provide immeasurable comfort and durability. They are also less vulnerable in extreme temperatures and humid environments.

Rubber Grips

Rubber Grips are the most commonly used type, mainly because you can save a lot of money with them. Apart from being durable, they offer the right amount of stability for most golfers. This grip type is also the standard for club sets sold to most golfers.

Corded Grips

Corded grips are essential for specific conditions. Because moisture is absorbed between the cord gaps, players with sweaty palms can utilize this well. Some golfers who play in humid environments also prefer this grip type.

Hybrid Grips

Hybrid grips are a combination of rubber and corded grips. Some players choose this type because of their hands’ specific needs. The inner layer is wrapped with rubber, while the outer layer consists of cords. This way, it can add extra comfort for golfers who have large, sweaty palms.

Are There Any Disadvantages in Replacing Your Golf Grips?

Replacing your grips will only negatively affect one aspect of your playing style, and that is your familiarity with your old grip. When you buy and install a new grip, you are going to go through another process of familiarizing yourself with its texture, hold, style, and so on.  

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