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How to Find a Reputable Company for Golf Club Refinishing in Tulsa?

Every golfer wants to keep their clubs pretty (and functional). It’s an investment, and nobody likes to see an investment fall apart.  The golf legend, Tiger Woods, understands. In a Golf Digest interview, he explained the importance of a golf club’s looks beside its performance. So if your set is looking a little run down, you could be deciding between replacing and refinishing them. Both are good options, but the latter could extend your clubs’ lives without spending nearly as much. In Tulsa, there’s a trusted golf store with outstanding golf club refinishing service that would help keep your clubs working for you. 

Signs Your Golf Clubs Needs The Best Attention

Unless you left your clubs out in the rain or tee it up 24/7, your clubs won’t break down very quickly. A decade is the longest stretch you should use a driver, for example, especially if you maintain it well. Still, they wear out. 

Apart from visible dings and dents, you might also notice changes in the club’s performance. There might be a sudden change in the driving distance, angle, or ball trajectory. If your handicap is gradually increasing, then it’s probably an indication of a larger problem. In the case of irons, never ignore visibly worn or bent grooves. Considering how expensive golf clubs can be, it’s best to keep them maintained so they last you as long as possible or until you improve enough to invest in a new set. 

5 Characteristics of a Golf Refinishing Company you can Trust

More often than not, how your clubs look impacts how you play: If they look great, you also play great. Plenty of people look to get their clubs refinished when they start looking shabby. That’s when refinishing saves the day. The only question is, how do you know which golf store is worth trusting your favorites? 

Here are some characteristics of the right golf club refinishing service: 

Years of Refinishing Experience

Who knows how to refinish your clubs better than a golf shop that specializes in it? Years of experience matter! If they have been around a long time, it’s probably because people trust them and their work quality.  

Tour-level Customization

Even if you’re an average joe, a golf refinishing session can make your clubs appear as if you’re ready to compete for PGA Tour. Your off-the-rack putter can be easily transformed into a one-of-a-kind, and customization services usually don’t stop there. 

Fast Turnaround

Some shops take 5-6 weeks to turn around a refinished putter. Other services could take you less than two weeks, especially if they use the latest methods.

Quality of Work

The best golf refinishing services know how to gain the trust of even the most picky clients. Refinishing isn’t easy, but with the right people, skills, and tools, the process can be done in just a few weeks.  

For Everything About Golf Club Refinishing, Call Tour Quality Golf! 

Tour Quality Golf is dedicated to exceeding your expectations when it comes to refinishing. We serve Tulsa and the neighboring areas, from amateurs to professionals. So, whenever you feel the need to breathe life into your old favorite clubs, we are here to help. Call us or visit our site to experience golf club refinishing from the experts!