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Give a Special Touch to Your Greenside Etiquette with Custom Ball Markers from Tour Quality Golf

Ball markers are small tokens that play a big role. Even if it’s just a coin or a poker chip, it can make a huge difference between earning a good brand or a penalty. John Rahm can tell you after taking a one-shot penalty in the FedEx Cup Playoffs last year– a mistake that would have cost him over $600k if he’d lost by that single stroke. If there’s a take away from that story, it’s to pay attention to your golf ball marker!

In a nutshell, ball markers help identify the specific place where you lifted your golf ball on the putting greens. You want a good one, and most people like to have one that’s easy to identify as their own.

If you’re around the Tulsa area, you can pick up a custom ball marker at Tour Quality Golf, a trusted local club fitter and dealer. 

What Should and Shouldn’t be Used as a Golf Custom Ball Markers? 

Here’s a situation: it’s a good Tuesday morning for golf, so you set off to meet your friends at Forest Ridge. Everything is going well until it’s time to put. You realize you forgot your golf ball marker, and now you’re thinking of the best substitute. Twig? No good– out of reg. According to the U.S. Golf Association, a marker has to conform to certain dimensions and must be “artificial”. So, what really is allowed and what isn’t?

Besides the rules, there are other specifications: If a marker is too small, it might be lost, and if it’s too big, it might get in the way of other players. Thus, only small, round, flat objects such as coins or the usual magnetic ball-markers used by professional golfers are allowed. But of course, you can still add a personal touch to your marker as long as it follows the rules. 

You need one, and it needs to say “you”, so why not get one customized?

4 Advantages of Getting Your Ball Marker Customize

Some say your golf ball marker is an extension of your personality. So, how would you want others to see you? 

Here are four surefire ways a customized ball marker can add flair to your games:

Solid Identification

Markers allow you to move your own ball and put it back in the right place so that your ball isn’t in someone else’s way. Customized ones let you and your opponents know immediately where your golf ball goes. Imagine the arguments that would break out without markers!

Fresh Brand Promotion

Golf and business go together. If you want to market yourself like a pro, start with a personalized ball marker. You can use your company’s logo, ID your charity, or simply rep the team you love. Other golfers might include details of special events on golf ball markers and give them as gifts to promote their businesses. 

Great Putting Aid

Customized markers have better alignment patterns proven to help you make more putts. Some come with a marker stencil that provides more accuracy on the green by letting you see your putts’ break and allowing you to prepare for success.


What makes customized ball markers better is the fact that they are customize. They can be made to your specifications from materials that suit you. And they can add a little fun.

Are you ready to leave the best mark on the putting green? Say goodbye to coins and chips with customized ball markers from Tour Quality Golf. Contact us today or visit our site to get a custom marker before your next game!