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A Ball Fitting Can Level Up Your Short Game

The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot, so  choosing the right one should be factored into your strategy. There are many game-changing performance and quality differences between brands and models. Ball fitting may not seem like much of a factor in your gameplay, but poor ball fit may cap your performance unnecessarily.

Finding the Ball For your Game

Finding the right ball isn’t always as easy as other golf equipment fittings. More variables need to be assessed using launch monitors to measure results accurately.

Tested factors include spin rate, consistency, and ball flight. However, these tools still cannot measure how the ball responds on the course. It’s important to practice with each ball type and feel what suits you.

Here are a few tips for finding the right ball for you:

  • Start With the Smallest Ball

Beginners should start with smaller balls first. They are lightweight, which makes ball flight smooth and provides players more distance. Pick the two smallest balls that felt right when you practiced and carry those into the next step.

  • Take note of the Spin

Once you have the two best picks, you have to get the natural feel on the course. It takes several rounds to measure aerodynamic factors, the spin rate, and drive distance. Taking note of these factors usually determines what ball you should use on your end game.

  • Know Your Clubhead Speed

Some players say clubhead speed is not a critical factor in selecting the right ball, but it depends on the player.

  • Focus on Consistency

Consistency is an essential factor in finding the right ball for every player. Getting to know what ball you are comfortable with and using it consistently on every shot will make your game play more consistent too.

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