The Experts in Golf Ball Fitting are Just One Call Away from You in Tulsa!

A golf game consists of a lot of factors. Even a single golf swing has a number of variables, too. Every single one of these elements is vital to a single swing and eventually in a single game. For this same reason, it is important that every single one of them is in perfect synchronization with each other. We fully understand your needs. This is why Tour Quality Golf in Tulsa is your one-stop shop provider of golf ball fitting, and many more!

Why do you need to have golf ball fitting?

Since golf ball is the only piece use in every shot, the golf ball is consider as the most important item in the bag. Golf games revolve around the golf ball; it is the main highlight of the game. That said, a game’s success depends a lot on the golf ball. When it comes to improving your game, using the right ball is important.

The ball fitting process determines which ball suits a golfer best. Having their golf balls fit, golfers find their edge; giving them extra boost and confidence in every game. Using the right ball definitely makes a difference in a golfer’s swing.

How does it work?

Ball fitting starts with expert fitters getting an individual’s player profile to have a better understanding of the golfer. Data includes the player’s age, gender, driver distance, average score, shot shape and trajectory.

After profiling, the player hits a series of drives on the ball he or she currently uses. A launch monitor will capture data from the swings; they will be ask to make enough to get an average ball performance.

Next, the fitters analyze all the information gathered. They are then given a ball to try with the driver, which exposes data on golf ball performance. In-depth consultation can help the gamers understand the process and the benefits more.

Just like a game and a swing, a single golf ball has its own components too. Golf balls vary in construction, the number of dimples, compression, feel and spin. Aside from these, balls can also be classified as two-piece or three-piece. Rubber and plastic are the main materials for a two-piece ball which is mostly use by the casual golfer. On the other hand, a three-piece ball is made up of a plastic cover, windings of rubber thread and a core which either contains gel or liquid or is a solid whole.

With all these variations alone, it is already a struggle to find the perfect ball that would excellently fit every single golf player. Tour Quality Golf in Tulsa provides ball fitting services done by experts in the industry. We guarantee that you can bring out the best performance in you by having the best custom-made golf ball in town.

If you’re looking for a more personalized experience, Tour Quality Golf can also deliver customization in a golf club, driver, putter, shaft and iron fitting. Are you ready to take your game to a more personal level? Call Tour Quality Golf today!