Tour Quality Golf’s Tips in Finding the Best Golf Clubs for Your Game

It is important for every golfer to use the equipment that is right for their physical condition and body which includes the best golf club that will fit their needs. Buying golf clubs is not as simple as buying grocery in the mall. These are made with detailed precision and it is necessary to know what you are going to buy.

These golf clubs can either break or make your game. So to help you find the perfect golf club for you, here is the list of the things that you should take into consideration when choosing your desired golf clubs:

  1. Ask the experts

Don’t fall on the trap of buying golf clubs based on the endorsement of celebrity because what works for them might not be meant for you. If your chosen clubs don’t fit you, you may lose the game.

You should ask the expert about the necessary things needed for the game. They can give you the best advice like the fitting procedure which can help you understand the game. The best club fitter will surely use a machine to know your clubhead speed which is considered as the first factor in selecting the right shaft flexibility and material.

  1. Know the grip’s thickness

Keep in mind that those grips which are too thin required too much hand action and the one which is too thick can actually restrict your hands too much. The perfect grip size is the one which can allow your left hand’s ring and middle fingers to touch the pad of your thumb barely when holding the club. Take note that the grip is too big if your fingers don’t touch the thumb. On the other hand, when your fingers dig into the pad, then it is too thin.

  1. Know your capabilities

It is very necessary to know what your capabilities are and the clubs suited for your skill level.  Different skill level requires different gear. Know first if you are a beginner, intermediate or the advanced one.

Having the simple equipment is recommended if you are a beginner. You are not yet ready to have the full fitting since you are not yet familiar with your swing yet. You need to start with a putter, few planks of wood and several irons.

If you are on the intermediate level, then your shooting must be around 80 to 95. New equipment is mostly designed for this level. When picking the clubs, try to look for the one that will suit your posture and strength.

If you are entering the advanced level, then you typically break 80. The golf equipment is surely your oyster once you enter this elite rank.

  1. Take your time

The large numbers of golf clubs are enough for the most golf professional to be confused. Buying a new golf club, depending on your budget and ability is considered as a significant investment, that’s why it is necessary to do some research and make sure not to make any impulsive decisions when buying one.

After buying and choosing the perfect golf club for you, it is also important to take good care of the equipment. After a golf’s long off-season, many of the golf players are trying to “dust off” their swings. It is very necessary to remember that the condition of your equipment also shows the accurateness of your shot.

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