Tour Quality Golf: Your Best Choice for Golf Club Fitting and Repair in Oklahoma City

Golf club fitting is a method where a train fitter produces sets of clubs that are suited to your swing. In this process, every aspect of the club must be examined. This process is sometimes confusing both to first-timers and even to experienced players. It is essential to take note that is not like a magic bullet where it will remove all your game faults in an instant. Expensive and customized golf club can’t save you from your poor techniques.

The good thing is, Tour Quality Golf can give you the best experience in golf club fitting. We believe that adequately fitted clubs can be of great help in reducing your game faults. It also allows you to hit the ball accurately and in a more robust manner. Despite Oklahoma City’s distance from Tulsa, we can assure you that consulting Tour Quality Club will be worth the trip because of our reliable work at a reasonable price.

Is golf club fitting important?

Having the perfect set of clubs that is suited for your body is one of the most important things about golf that you should know. Getting fit for the proper set of clubs can help you maximize your game.

The process of golf fitting is not an exact science. It depends on the experience, swing knowledge and equipment of the fitter. The primary thing that a player should do is to evaluate their present swing with their clubs.

Here are the other things that you should do before your club fitting to have a successful and enjoyable fitting session:

  1. Do a research

One of the mistakes that many golfers commit is not doing any research in finding the best club fitter. Asking your friends or golf members is another way to find the best fitter. You can get the feedback which is necessary for making the best decision for choosing the club fitter for you.

  1. Realistic expectation

It is important to remind yourself before, during and after fitting that shortcuts are impossible in golf. As an example, don’t expect a distance of 30 or 40-yard gains just because of changing equipment.

Many first-timers get 1 to 2 clubs from a complete fitting, minimizing their misses at the same time. There are also customers who are into full bag fittings that can hit two clubs less into greens.

  1. You should be patient and willing to learn

It is imperative for every golfer to have lessons which can help them improve their game. It is necessary that you should give the fitter the representation of the game. The best club fitter will inevitably ask you about your goals in golf and what you are up to. A good club fitter will fit you in new equipment. This can help you to grow with regards to the advancement in your planned game.

  1. Show how you play your game

The best club fitter has the experience of working with different golfers. Golfers have different levels of abilities, ranging from professionals up to the people who are starting to play golf. Once club fitters have seen your skills, they will not be overly impress nor judge you about it. Don’t make swing you don’t typically make. Play your game for you to see the development of your new tricks.

  1. You need to gear up

Many customers fail to bring their equipment when they go to the shop which is consider a big problem for a fitter. It is crucial for a fitter to see your stuff to find the one that is better than your current equipment.  

Hard work and patience is the key to a successful golf game. Your clubs can be a great help but remember that it depends on you on how you should execute your game. You need to be patient with yourself as well as with your clubs, and you will soon find that your game is more enjoyable and exciting than before. We hope that these tips will help you find the perfect fitting club suited for your needs. The proper clubs can benefit your game, especially when you choose to work with the experts at Tour Quality Golf in Tulsa. Our shop might be an hour or so away from your place in Oklahoma, and yet we can guarantee that it’s worth the travel.