Avail the Best Golf Club Repair Services near Oklahoma City

Most of the golfers are probably not aware of the warranty of their golf clubs. Nowadays, clubs are well made, and we don’t expect that it can break easily. However, the truth is, no matter how well-built the steel or titanium or how intelligent the design is, statistics show that there are still 125,000 clubs which are said to be returned to the manufacturers every year. If it happens to you, will the manufacturer replace it for free? What if not? Good thing, Tour Quality Golf is always available to help you in golf club repair. Even though our shop is 1.5 hours away from Oklahoma City, one thing is for sure! It is definitely worth the travel because of our quality services offered at a reasonable price.

Golf clubs are like our homes and cars which requires the attention for their sustainability as well as its practical usage. It is essential to make sure that this kind of investment is protected and maintained.  There is no reason why we should throw away our clubs just because of poor upkeep and negligence.

Here are some of the tips on how to take care of your golf clubs:

  1. It would help if you store your golf clubs properly

One of the best ways to maintain your golf club’s effective usage is to keep them inside your home. Never store them in your car’s trunk most especially during the hot seasons. It is because the heat can weaken the glues that are holding the clubhead and grip in place.

  1. Don’t keep your golf clubs wet

It is essential to keep your golf clubs dry before storing them to avoid rust. In an instance where you come in a wet day on the golf course, you need to wipe your clubs before saving them back in the corner or closet.

  1. Golf Towel is important

The golf towel is the towel that you attach your golf bag or cloth that made for golfers. Wipe the grips and clubfaces when the debris and moisture are present.

  1. You should use headcovers on your wood

It is important to know that headcovers are essential in protecting the delicate damage heads on your clubs from the damage of grabbing them out of the bag.

  1. It would be best if you cleaned the clubheads between play

You need to give your clubs imperative cleaning after every few rounds. You need to make sure that you remove the dirt from the grooves on the clubheads. This process is simple and not time-consuming because it only required a soft-bristled brush, towel, and some warm water.

  1. Inspect the grips

Once you were cleaning your grips, it is essential to make sure that there are no signs of wear. You are obliged to check the grips for the shiny areas. Slickness, worn areas, and cracks are the sign that is the best time to consider new grips. Re-gripping is a natural process for the experts, and it wouldn’t cost you too much.

  1. Check the Shafts

When you are wiping the shafts using a dry towel, you should also check if the nicks, dents, and splits in the shaft are present. Once you see these signs, then it might be the best time to get it to check or replace with the new one.

Golf clubs required the care and love until the time when your game needs an upgrade. This golf club is an investment which requires a not so complicated process of maintenance. Properly maintained golf clubs could help you to have a powerful controlled and accurate shot. Tour Quality Golf Club can help you achieve the support and proper care needed by your equipment. Having many years of experience, we can assure you that your golf equipment is in good hands. Connect with us through our website to know more about our services.