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For flighty golfers, jumping from one PXG club equipment to another in a quest to look for useful tools that can aid them to attain their top game has been evident. According to professionals, golf is one of the rarest sports which heavily rely on the best technology available in the market. It is not merely a physical battle on the course but also a mental one which leaves several individuals to wonder: Why would most people willingly shell out to try and purchase expensive golf equipment for a better game?

The founder and owner of Parson’s Xtreme Golf (PXG) and golf nut Bob Parsons claimed that he was spending $250,000 annually on golf equipment. Thus, he decided to start his venture instead of paying a significant amount of money on other companies. Parsons designed and developed the premium golf clubs with the most exceptional patented technology in the industry. Each golf club features a performance-enhancing Precision Weighting System which creates the signature look of PXG.

PXG’s Gen2 Drivers

Bob Parsons’ love for American muscle vehicles – Demon, Charger, Hellcat, and a Durango 392 SRT— has led to the development of the new Gen2 X and XF drivers which consist of titanium bodies and faces. He suggested his engineers – Mike Nicolette and Brad Schweigert — an aesthetic design for the driver crown which mirrors the hood of an American muscle.

Specifications and Price

The muscle-car-inspired-carbon-fiber-crown-scoop has a multi-level variable thickness which traces back to the “Hot Rod Technology” of PXG to reduce the energy dissipation which will increase the ball speed. Nicolette and Schweigert also designed the Gen 2 drivers with an anti-reflective matte color feature to lessen the distraction during plays.

1.    Lowest Spin with Incredible Distance Play

The engineers considered a carbon fiber crown, honeycomb TPE insert, and precision weighting system. It is to generate an incredible distance with a unique feel and sound.

2.    Optimal Trajectory

The Gen2 drivers were designed for playability and forgiveness. The head profile and perimeter weighting aid the golfers to “square up the face” and hit straight drives.

3.    Raw Power with a Vast Array of Fitting Options

Gen2 drivers feature 16 distinct moveable weights and an adjustable golf club socket. These divers also provide an array of fitting options necessary in promoting ball fight and honing launch conditions.

There has been a drastic price drop on drivers for the past years. Initially, PXG previously sold retail drivers for $850. The new models of drivers today will cost $575 starting on January 15, 2019.

PXG Fairway Woods

The technology packed inside the Gen2 X drivers works similarly with the X fairway woods as well. Schweigert stated that fairway woods are more flexible compared to the drivers since there is more room for a little bit of speed on the face.

Specifications and Price

The innovations in the materials and manufacturing processes have paved the way. It is for an incredible distance and accurate golf club of fairway woods.

1.    Low Spin with High Speed

The lightweight carbon fiber and honeycomb TPE insert with weight-forward design features of fairway woods influence the low spin and incredible distance of the club model.

2.    Optimized Trajectory

The ultra-thin, high-strength steel face equipped with 11 moveable weights on the sole. It allows the users to optimize the trajectory and achieve the maximum and accurate distance of the ball.

The price of Gen2 fairway woods (13, 15, 18, and 21 degrees) will cost $425 on January 15.


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