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Indoor Golf Lessons with PGA Certified Instructors


Revolutionize Your Golf Game using TrackMan and Swing Catalyst with Tour Quality Golf Tulsa’s Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons – Elevate Your Game at Tour Quality Golf

Are you tired of golf lessons that don’t deliver results? At Tour Quality Golf Tulsa, our PGA certified golf lessons utilize modern technology to provide real-time visual feedback on every swing, giving you actionable data to improve your skills. No guesswork, just measurable improvements.

Why Choose Our Golf Lessons?

  • PGA Certified Instructors: Our instructors are not only certified by the PGA but also have the expertise to elevate your game.
  • Immediate Results: Most students start seeing real improvements from day one.
  • Modern Technology: Get real-time visual feedback and actionable data to track your progress and refine your skills.

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Join us for golf lessons that are focused on delivering immediate results. Whether you’re aiming for a scratch golf game or just looking to lower your handicap, Tour Quality Golf is here to help you see and measure your improvements.

Contact us today to start seeing real results with our PGA certified golf lessons at Tour Quality Golf Tulsa.

PGA Certified Golf Instruction

Lessons start at $99 per lesson. Lesson packages are also available.

Meet Our Instructors

Preston Walker

PGA Instructor

Preston started playing golf as soon as he could lift a club. He played junior golf throughout highschool and was a member of the Union Golf team all 4 years. Preston went on to play 5 years of college golf. He went on to become a graduate assistant coach while earning his MBA in strategic innovation. Preston has earned his PGA status and continues to learn about the golf swing daily.

Brandon Pitts

PGA Instructor

Brandon started playing golf in high school looking for something to do with friends and immediately was hooked. Over the years his passion for the game of golf grew and he became completely invested. When he decided to make a career change he knew golf was where he wanted to be.

Brandon is a PGA Certified Instructor.

Indoor Golf Lessons Featuring Trackman And Swing Catalyst Technology

TrackMan and Swing Catalyst – Elevate Your Golf Training at Tour Quality Golf

At Tour Quality Golf Tulsa, we bring you the most advanced technology to help you perfect your game. Our indoor golf training facility features both TrackMan and Swing Catalyst, the ultimate tools for golfers seeking excellence.

TrackMan – The Golfer’s Ultimate Companion

TrackMan is a revolutionary tool that offers unparalleled insights into every aspect of your swing:

  • Club Speed & Ball Trajectory: Analyze your club speed, ball trajectory, and distance.
  • Launch Angle & Spin Rate: Get detailed data on launch angle, spin rate, and more.
  • Actionable Feedback: Fine-tune your skills with real-time data, regardless of your skill level.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner aiming for scratch golf, TrackMan provides invaluable data to help you reach your full potential.

Swing Catalyst – Comprehensive Swing Analysis System

Swing Catalyst is an innovative swing analysis system that combines high-speed video capture with cutting-edge pressure plate data and 3D motion analysis. Here’s how it helps golfers:

  • High-Speed Video Capture: Get a detailed view of your swing mechanics.
  • Pressure Plate Data: Analyze your balance and weight transfer.
  • 3D Motion Analysis: Gain deep insights into your swing mechanics for targeted improvements.

Designed to elevate your training experience, Swing Catalyst enables golfers and instructors to make data-driven decisions for optimal performance on the course.

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Ready to unleash your full potential? Contact us today to book your golf training session with TrackMan and Swing Catalyst at Tour Quality Golf Tulsa, your destination for the best golf fitting in Tulsa!

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