Putter Refinishing Services at Tour Quality Golf

Elevate Your Game with Custom Putter Refinishing – Tour Quality Golf

At Tour Quality Golf, we specialize in high-quality putter refinishing services tailored to enhance both the performance and aesthetics of your golf putters. Our expert technicians use precision techniques to restore, customize, and improve your golf putters, ensuring each piece not only looks great but also performs at its best.

Choose Your Finish

Black Oxide Finish

Ideal for carbon steel putters, our Black Oxide finish adds a layer of magnetite that provides mild corrosion resistance, reduces light reflection, and improves the aesthetic appeal of your putter.

Polymer Putter Finishes

Vibrant and Durable: Polymer putter finishes are renowned for their vibrant colors and exceptional durability, making them a popular choice among golfers who wish to add a personal touch to their game while ensuring their equipment remains in top condition. These finishes are specially formulated to resist wear and tear, providing a lasting, bright appearance even with regular use.

Wide Range of Color Options: At Tour Quality Golf, our polymer finishes come in a wide spectrum of colors, allowing golfers to express their style uniquely. From classic shades like navy and black to bold options like neon green and hot pink, there is a color to match every golfer’s personality. This customization extends beyond aesthetics, as the visual appeal of a brightly colored putter can also enhance visibility and focus during play.

Nickel Plating

For those seeking enhanced durability and corrosion resistance, our Nickel Plating finish offers improved hardness and superior strength, maintaining the putter’s performance under various conditions.

Customization Services

CNC Face Milling

Revitalize the face of your putter by removing dents and returning it to a factory-fresh appearance. This service helps improve the precision of your putts by ensuring a smooth and even surface.

Hand Stamping and Alignment Aids

Personalize your putter with hand-stamping options of up to 6 characters and add alignment aids like sight lines or dots to enhance accuracy and confidence in your strokes.

Additional Modifications

Welded Neck Conversions

Modify the balance and alignment of your putter with our Welded Neck Conversions. Choose from a variety of styles like Plumbers Neck, Flow Neck, or even convert your right-handed putter to left-handed to suit your playing style.

Color Fills and Laser Engraving

Select from a wide range of color fills to customize the look of your putter or opt for laser engraving to add a personal touch or logo to your club, making it uniquely yours.

Maintaining Your Refinished Putter

To ensure the longevity and performance of your refinished putter, regular maintenance is key. Depending on the finish, maintenance might involve keeping the putter dry and well-oiled, particularly for finishes like Torched Oil-Can, which are prone to developing a patina if not cared for properly.

At Tour Quality Golf, we are dedicated to providing top-tier putter refinishing services that meet the needs of every golfer, from casual enthusiasts to serious competitors. Enhance your game today by choosing Tour Quality Golf for your putter refinishing needs.

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