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Bring Back the Glam: Putter Refinishing in Tulsa

A putter can make or break the game. It’s the championships, in the do-or-die game, the ball is two feet away from the hole. You’re about to get your lucky putter but upon closer inspection, you notice the nicks and chaps; your beloved, lucky putter is out of shape. Of course, you wouldn’t want to rely on it anymore since its flaws could make you miss. Perhaps, this instance would prompt other golfers to go and buy a new one. But is it really necessary? You can do a putter refinishing to save your lucky putter.

If you feel reluctant to let go of your old putter, then putter refinishing is the best option. It undergoes the process of refurbishing to return it to tip-top shape. Sure, you could look up do-it-yourself videos on the web and follow the whole process, but are you willing to risk it? Don’t worry, because Tour Quality Golf offers the most reliable putter refinishing in Tulsa; we can do it for you!

Why Putter Refinishing?

One word: cost. Putter refinishing can save you hundreds of bucks instead of spending four times that when buying a new one. Also, customization is a plus. With refinishing, you can request intricate finishes, custom paint fills, or simply ask for stampings.

Undoubtedly, the motivating factor of it all is that you can keep that old-reliable putter of yours instead of scrapping it. Refinishing can bring back its beauty and make it shine better than ever.

Tips to Keep Your Putters in Tip-Top Shape

If refurbishing could save you a wad of cash, then obviously, preventing the damage to your putter will save you more. You’ve invested a lot in the equipment you use, so you’ll definitely want to extend its lifespan. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure.

Keep Putters Dry

The greens may have some leftover dew. After a successful put, what’s essential is using a soft piece of cloth to wipe the putter, then smear a little oil on it and dry it by using a different cloth to give it a protective seal. Doing so will prevent rusting. Be sure to store it in a dry place and never ever put a wet head cover on it.

Stay Away From Abrasive Substances When Cleaning

Inevitably, your putters will come into contact with destructive substances like pesticides, rain, and even sand. That’s the reason why the use of soft cloth should be emphasized, since abrasive ones will scratch the putter more. Chemicals, like paint thinner or acetone, could destroy the paint and finish. If you find bits of sand and grass stuck in the crevices, never use brushes or anything with rough bristles to clean them out. Instead, a compressed can of air can help tremendously without the risk of scratches.

Protect Them With Head Covers

If you’re one of those golfers who find it tedious to remove covers and put them on again after shots, then most likely, your equipment wears out faster. After cleaning and drying, a way to preserve putter paints and finishes is to use head covers to protect them. It prevents damage from humidity and moisture and minimizes the accumulation of dust during prolonged storage.

Inspect Putters Regularly

It is much better to inspect putters in a routine manner rather than finding out during a game that all of them are damaged. While cleaning, look for signs of wear and tear. Inspect every angle to make sure that there are no apparent dents that could affect gameplay. If you’ve come across several indents that could potentially be a game-changer, then it’s about time you consider refinishing.

Invest in Quality Travel Golf Bags

Can’t have putters slipping out through a gaping hole in your golf bag, can we? Your golf bag doesn’t need to be all that fancy. Just stay away from the kinds that have thin outer layers and make sure to buy the ones with rain hoods. Trust me, if you’re fond of travelling for golf tournaments, you want your equipment to be safe from the rigors of travel. You could also try packing your clothes and cleaning clothes around the bag, so movement and impact of the clubs can be kept to a minimum.

If all these fail and you find yourself staring at your nicked-up, worn-out, prized putter, then you can always rely on Tour Quality Golf to provide the finest putter refinishing in Tulsa. We’ve got it all, from custom paint fills to restoration. We’ll make it gleam with your choice of premium finish! Care to find out more? Get a quote now at tourqualitygolf.net. Call us at (918) 221-7096 or send a message to sales@tourqualitygolf.net.