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Custom Made Golf Marker: How to Make The Most Out of It?

A golf ball marker is used to mark the ball’s position whenever you need to lift the ball. Reasons players lift their golf balls include cleaning, alignment, or to get out of the way of another golfer. If there are too many golf balls on the putting green, players may be confused by which ball is theirs. Hitting another player’s golf ball will incur a penalty, so using a golf marker is polite too.

Who can Mark a Ball?

According to the Rules of Golf, a ball can be marked by a player or another person authorized by the player. The player who lifted the ball must replace the marked ball. The golf player is accountable for any violations of the rules. 

When to Mark a Ball 

When players golf together, ball positions on the putting green must be marked after any shot that doesn’t land in the cup. Based on the golf etiquette, the player whose ball is farthest from the hole puts first/next. All other players must mark their balls to avoid them blocking other players’ shots. Players incur a one-stroke penalty if they lift the ball before marking. 

The Proper Use of a Golf Marker

Based on the U.S. Golf Association’s Rules, the player must mark balls with particularly made markers, coins, or the like objects. Rule 20 in the Rules of Golf outlines the etiquette of dropping, placing, and lifting markers.

As a matter of both rules and etiquette, it’s important to know the right way to use the golf marker. 

Step 1

The golf ball’s position to be lifted must be marked by placing a marker right behind the ball before lifting it.

Step 2 

Pick up the golf ball. The player must never lift the ball  before placing the marker. 

Step 3 

When it’s time to replace the golf ball, the player must put it back on the green in front of the ball marker. 

Step 4 

Carefully pick up the ball marker.

Penalty Scenarios 

Marking the ball is subject to rules and regulations of golf. The penalty is one stroke if a golfer drops the marker incorrectly or moves it (never if an act of nature causes the move). This is even true if the player lifts the golf marker before the previous shot is complete, accidentally kicks the ball when making a move, marks the ball more than an inch behind, or fails to place a marker. Players may use the toe of one of their golf clubs as a marker without incurring a penalty.  

Get a Custom Made Golf Marker 

Golf ball markers are usually small, flat objects like coins. Many players prefer the personal touch of custom golf markers.

There are lots of fun ways to customize your golf ball markers today. Make sure to get a golf marker that reflects your personality.

Tour Quality Golf customizes golf ball markers. We’d be happy to engrave one with a name, initials, or even a short quote for you or someone you’d like to give a unique gift to. Contact us and get your customized golf marker today!