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Welded Putter Neck Conversions: Is It Worth A Try?

American athlete Deion Sanders once said: “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, then you play good”.

Of course players go after performance over appearance, it’s still true that looks are still a part of the equation. With golf, you want to pick an iron, a club, or a putter that performs well and makes you feel good. Good looking equipment instills confidence, and confidence often separates great players from merely decent ones.

Putter shopping matters. After all, the putter is the most important club in your bag.

How to Choose the Right Putter?

After following a perfect drive with a solid shot, it’s down to a quality put. Is the putter in your bag the one to get it done? 

Before you buy your next putter, get to know your putting style. Is yours an arc stroke, straight through, or straight back method? Then, in the shop, find out which head shape is best for you. You could go for classic blades, unique high MOI, or the face-balanced mallet putter heads. The shop can even help you find one for your style. Next comes finding the right putter shaft. All those parts have to work together.

Why Explore Welded Putter Neck Conversions?

The weld does more than change the look of your putter. Consider these benefits: 

Adds craftsmanship

Of course, welding gives a more “hands-on,” artisan look on putters than solidly built ones. It shows that someone took an effort to put them together and fit them. An example of putter craftsmanship recognized in the industry is Scotty Cameron’s putters made of two beautiful pieces welded together. 

Presents rareness

Discerning players know that it wasn’t that long ago that welded necks were reserved for Tour players. Those milling marks can make you feel you belong to the fraternity of great golfers. 

A different neck style serves a different playing style

If you have the wrong hosel configuration, welding can help you retrofit it to another type. You’ll never know the difference that hosel can make on your putting game until you’ve tried it out. 

Balances toe hang

Through welding, a welded slant neck, for example, could be added to ensure the toe hang fits your putting stroke. It also has something to do with providing the putter’s weight is enough for the golfer. 

Some golfers may not like the idea of welding and conversions. Some say it gives an unfinished look or that welding doesn’t add to the putter’s performance. But Tour Quality Golf is ready to serve players who are willing to explore this significant undertaking. We are here not just to boost your confidence but improve your putting game through professional customization. Call us today or visit our site to learn more!