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Pro Tip: How to Hit Solid Wedge Shots and Start Shooting Lower Scores

Getting your wedge golf ball closest to the hole from inside 100 yards like Dustin Johnson IS POSSIBLE. 

Okay, so how? You might ask. 

Take your wedge-game practice seriously, that’s the key. While you probably can’t hit a 330-yard drive like these great players, you can hit solid wedge shots like them from time to time. While you focus on improving your drives and power shots, dedicate time to improve your wedge play. A good short game makes off-days pretty great – what’s better than going home content after knocking a few strokes off of your score with your wedges, right? 

In a nutshell, golf wedges are your allies on chips, pitches, full and lob shots, and also when you’re trying to escape bunkers. They help create birdies and even save you pars. The problem is, golfers often overlook that short game accounts for more than 50% of their shots in a golf round. Some are not hitting their approach shots well, ignoring unseen opportunities of achieving good numbers on their scorecards.  And then there are some who don’t give their wedges the attention they deserve. You can see the same types of wedges in their bags or a set that does not fit their respective swings.

 It’s a good thing wedge play can be improved just like any aspect of a golf game. Usually, focusing on improving your wedge shots starts with fixing or upgrading your equipment. If you’re up for new sticks to change your game in Tulsa OR, at least, getting your current favorite tuned up, the right help is around. You can begin searching “golf shop near me”, or just drive to Tour Quality Golf and start playing your wedge play like a pro! 

Don’t Abandon Your Short Game

How’s your game? It sounds like a hard truth, but most golfers, no matter how much time they spend with their drivers, will hit impressive shots like Tiger Woods with regularity. But you can always shift philosophy. Any golfer can win at the short game with the right club and practice! 

Once you understand what your short game is missing, it’s easy to make huge strides in your play. Working on your pitch shots may not be as thrilling as driving shots off the tee, but you’re going to see dramatic improvement if you also focus on your short game.  

Head to your favorite golf shop in Tulsa and dial in your wedges! 

5 Ways to Hit Incredible Wedge Shots 

Contrary to popular belief, tour professionals aren’t the only ones capable of delivering pure wedge shots. You can too!  

Here are five ways to work on your wedge shots: 

  • Find the right set up

The right stance, grip, weight, etc., are essential for excellent, controlled release and a perfect wedge shot. If you don’t want to hit your wedge shots higher than necessary, set up a narrow stance and then lower your shot’s trajectory. This will help you stay in control and deliver solid contact for predictable spin and ball flight. 

  • Optimize your ball position

To achieve accuracy on your wedge shots, always make sure that your golf ball is evenly between your feet. This center ball alignment will help you get more backspin. This position also allows a balanced swing where your weight doesn’t shift to one direction or another. 

  • Focus on shaping your swing motion

Learn from American golf instructor Butch Harmon who said, “Do not baby your wedge shots”.  To achieve natural swings, let your club and body flow back and through. You can also see good results by keeping a shorter backswing and maintaining your speed all the way to finish. 

  • Practice from different lies

Most of your wedge shots will occur in a bunker or from a rough, so it’s essential that you get the hang of each situation. Practice bunker shots. Practice shooting from the rough. These will test your club’s feel and performance in different lies. 

  • Choose the right wedges

The right wedges can save you shots. With proper loft and bounce combinations, the game starts to feel less complicated. Custom wedge fitters will help ensure everything is dialed in for your swing. 

Remember that everything that occurs inside the 100 yards has a massive impact on the final numbers you for that day. Start improving your wedge play by getting the right help and the right equipment. Tune up your wedges or shop for new ones today, here at Tulsa’s trusted golf store, Tour Quality Golf.