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Get Your Golf Lessons at Tour Quality Golf

Have you ever wondered if you could one day play like Dustin Johnson? Do you want to put the golf ball closer to the hole from inside 100 yards? It is possible with persistence and patience through lessons. Every professional was a beginner once!

Want to improve quickly? Visit Tour Quality Golf and get golf lessons!


For people who want to improve their craft, whether playing golf socially, joining a golf league, playing with friends and family, or even competing–practice and golf lessons are worth a try.

Meeting with an Instructor/s

Tour Quality Golf has PGA-certified instructors available on-site.

When you first meet with your instructor, you can discuss your current level and where you’d like to be. With the help of Trackman technology, your Instructor will evaluate your swing as a place to start.

All that’s left for you to do is practice with your instructor’s guidance! Use the information you learned during lessons to make yourself better, and come back to your next lesson for feedback as you progress.

Practice makes improvement!

Thoughts about Golf Lessons

Lessons for Beginners are Essential

Golf is not intuitive. Everyone has to learn how to swing a club effectively. Even the best professionals at least had someone to show them how to swing at some point.

Golf Lessons are the Best Way to Improve

Lessons help knock off the rust off your game and pinpoint where you lost ground. It can also be a direct way to improve when your game plateaus. Plus, your instructor’s professional opinion about your gear can save you a ton of money on fad equipment.

Best Place to ask for Gear Opinions

A good golfer will always play a fair round, even with mediocre equipment. Meanwhile, a bad golfer will play a bad round even with the latest trendy driver. If you’re using the same club you used to start with, getting opinions regarding golfing gear from a professional won’t hurt– and it will usually help.

For your golf equipment needs, you can visit Tour Quality Golf’s Online Shop.

If you’re ready for your golf lessons, membership to Tour Quality Golf’s Sheridan Club is a great option. We have PGA-certified instructors that are available to cater to you year-round!