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What To Do During Your Golf Lessons

People enroll in golf classes or lessons for a broad range of reasons. Some people choose to compete, practice for weekend fun, or pursue other goals.

Before seeking a golf instructor, you should know your goals and motives for taking golf lessons. That will help you find an instructor that understands your needs, and it will help them create practice plans specific to your objectives.

When It Comes To The Instructors

Obviously, the ideal instructor is nearby. However, finding someone you get along with is the most critical element. Pick someone who has had success instructing learners such as yours.

Whether in-person or over the phone, interview prospective instructors. You’ll be able to discern from this interview whether you and that Instructor will get along well, and it’s a lower-pressure opportunity to talk about scheduling, costs, group vs private classes, etc.

  • Be Ready

Get a hat, glove, and water bottle handy, and dress comfortably. Stretch a little, and warm up your swing before your lesson starts.

If you own a set of clubs, bring them all. If not, inform your instructor ahead of time for them to provide you with the appropriate equipment.

Once you start, having a golf journal will be extremely beneficial. You’ll grow faster if you document lessons you have learned as well as your instructor’s observations about your own gameplay and your progress toward you goals.

  • First Day of Lessons

During the first lesson, you should be prepared to answer questions with honest answers!

Addressing your instructor regarding your swing’s issues isn’t a great idea. Ask what has gone wrong instead. By your third swing, your coach will often already be conscious of most problems with your swing.

Don’t bother trying to impress your instructor. You’re here to learn. Talk openly about your playing schedule and any challenges you encounter.

Be responsive to your instructor and stay on task while you’re at your lesson. Immediate feedback is going to help you grow quickly, so make every minute count!

In order to improve a skill, focus on the new movement pattern while your coach observes, and let your coach recommend adjustments in real time.

  • After Lessons

Request comments from your instructor at the end of class (but don’t take their time for granted– they work for payment, and they may have lessons after yours!).

Ask them to assist you develop a summary of what you should take away from the session and what you should prioritize your attention on.

When you go to practice what you learned, evaluate anything you might have missed by looking through your notes and writing down new questions and observations.

  • Practice

It is best to put what you have learned into practice as quickly as possible. If your schedule permits, do it as soon as the session is over. You attended golf lessons for an opportunity to get better. The only way that can happen is if you practice on your own!

You should practice the motion swings and drills that the instructor offered you to develop your reflexes.

Focus on improvement. Everybody makes lousy shots; that’s part of your training and growth and nothing to be upset about. Just stay curious about what works and pay attention to what changes as you practice.

Have fun! Remember–it’s a game.

Establish realistic goals and work hard. Repeat what works for you when you find it.

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