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How Custom Golf Club Fitting Can Improve Your Performance

Most golfers underestimate the effect that choosing the right club shaft can have on their performance. The golf shaft serves as the engine of the club, so it is crucial for players to use shafts that improve their performance and work with their swings. Golf manufacturers design and build the golf clubs displayed at golf stores and pro shops to standardized specifications. There are all kinds of reasons that a shaft might not match the specific needs of players, especially if the golfer buys it “off the shelf.” Choosing the shaft that works for each player can be challenging since the definition of “flex” varies from one brand to another. A custom golf club fitting can help you feel confident, and that added confidence can enhance performance as much as the custom fitting itself.

Club Fitting 101: What is it? 

Every golfer has a different body shape, size, and golf swing. So, a custom golf club fitting can result in clubs that suit their height, swing characteristics, and strength. The equipment needs to match the golfer. Without a proper golf fit, the golfer won’t reach optimal performance. Experts recommend that golfers get a custom club fitting from an experienced club fitter before making a golf club investment. After all, good clubs aren’t cheap.

Contrary to common belief, club fitting is not time-consuming or expensive. Although it is best to get fit by teaching pros so they can monitor the ball flight, any golf shop can perform a club fitting. They can lead the customers to the right fit by watching the ball flight delivered by each club and checking chalk marks on adhesive strips attached to the sole and clubface.

5 Major Flaws That Can Hurt Your Game 

Many golfers buy standard golf clubs rather than seeking professional custom fittings. Of course, standard clubs do not mean “one size fits all.”

Here are some flaws that professional club fitters can correct through a custom club fitting session, and how each can affect your game:

Flaw #1: The golf club has the wrong shaft flex

Some beginners may wonder what happens when they use the wrong shaft flex in their golf clubs. When a shaft is too stiff for the player’s swing speed or other golf mechanics, they may see lower ball flight and less distance, or their shot might feel less stable and harsh, even on center hits. Meanwhile, if a golfer is using a shaft that is too flexible, some of the possible outcomes include too-high ball flight and less distance, even if the player notices a better feel and more solid contact. 

Flaw #2: The golf club has poorly matched length

Having the wrong length of a golf club can ruin your gameplay and enjoyment on the course. If you are thinking of buying a club, be sure to check the shaft length included in its specifications. For average golfers, a shorter club might work with their play as they can get more distance and hit the ball more cleanly.

Flaw #3: The golf club has the wrong lie angle

Lie angle, which is the angle between the ground line and shaft, affects the accuracy of your golf shots. Using a club whose lie angles do not fit your swing or body type can cost you strokes. If your club is too upright, your shots might travel left of target, while a club that is too flat can send them to the right.

Flaw #4: The golf club has the wrong loft

Every club has a loft, which means that the clubface has an upward angle. When the club tilts in a single direction, the loft which is usually angled straight up becomes tilted to one side or another. With an incorrect loft, you can lose backspin, trajectory, and distance.

Flaw #5: The golf club has the wrong grip size

A golf grip with a wrong size stops the hands from working correctly in a golf swing. If your grips are too small, the chances are your hands will become too active which can lead to inconsistency, early release of the club, and greater shot dispersion. Meanwhile, a thick grip doesn’t allow the hands to release effectively at impact and can result in a block, slice, or push. 

If you think the lie angles or shaft length of your clubs might be ill-fitting, it is time to visit a professional club fitter. The club fitter will check you and your equipment by measuring and monitoring your swings. Custom fitting takes the guesswork out of looking for the shaft and club that fits your style, improving both the accuracy and distance without compromising feel. Find out if you need flat or upright lie angles of the shorter or longer shaft before you spend big money on a club.

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