Gain Driver Distance with Tour Quality Golf’s Club Fitting Services

For some hobbyists, novice players, and amateurs, golf can be a very frustrating sport. Most would step up on the tee, unsure or uncaring of which direction the ball is going to go. However, there is one thing that keeps bringing people back for more. It’s the fantastic feeling of striking a ball flush from the middle of their driver. Well, it only reminds us of the famous golf advertisement, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” If you’re among the golf enthusiasts out there who want to gain driver distance, then here are some insights on how club fitting can help.

Here are the factors that you can quickly analyze once you’ve decided to work with a well-experienced club-fitter:

Ball Speed

Your swing speed dictates your ball speed. However, you can achieve the maximum potential ball speed by contacting the center of the face more consistently. There is the so-called “smash factor” that is measured by a launch monitor. It shows the efficiency of the relationship between ball speed and clubhead speed. In general, the maximum ratio is 1.50. It means that if you want to lessen the yards that you’ll be wasting, the more you must aim to get closer to this number.  Based on various studies and statistics, almost 80% of amateur golfers hit below an ideal smash factor of 1.47. Moreover, 40 percent falls to 1.40 or even less.

Launch Angle

It is the second ingredient that you must carefully consider. A usual golf player has a launch angle that falls below 11 degrees. Unless you’re good enough to launch a swing with a speed of 120 miles per hour, you must aim to strive for a 13-degree launch angle or even higher. Keep in mind that if you hit any lower, the ball won’t be able to stay long enough in the air to achieve the maximum distance you’re aiming.

Backspin Rate

To maximize your distance, you must aim to launch your shots relatively high but with low spin. While it’s true that an off-center strike at a low launch angle is a perfect recipe for short hitting, often, it results in an excessive spinning. Based on testing and studies conducted, an average golfer has a spin rate above 3,000 revolutions per minute. If you want to enhance your performance and to get closer to the ideal of higher launch and lower spin, then you must aim to maintain your rpm below 3,000.

While most golfers believe that they can improve their distance by merely having more lofts on their driver and perhaps a softer flexing shaft, a high-quality club fitting service can serve more of the purpose. Having the right fitting can modify your clubs and even enhance your swing. Most of the times, you don’t have to deal with a major reconstruction. Even simple things such as shifting the ball forward in your stance or swinging slightly up on the ball and teeing it higher can help you gain driver distance. Based on the results of a test conducted by TrackMan whose launch monitor is being used on the PGA Tour, a swing with a speed of 90 miles per hour can increase your yards by about 30 just by just swinging up on the ball.

Gain A Competitive Edge in Driver Distance by Visiting Tour Quality Golf!

Today, aspiring golf players have various options on how they can increase their driver distance. As more and more varieties of golf drivers are being launched on the market along with dozens of adjustments of loft, lie, face angle, and other essential elements, the easier it is to optimize a club based on your style, preference, and goals. You will become more confident than ever, the feeling that every golfer should have.

If you happen to be from Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas such as Bixby, Jenks, Muskogee, and Owasso, feel free to visit Tour Quality Golf for your club fitting needs. Our professional services include golf club repair, golf club fitting, and golf club trade-in. Once you enter our golf shop, we will spend the time to know you and your game to be able to deliver you the best-golfing experience possible!