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How to Fix Broken Golf Shafts with the Best Golf Club Store in Oklahoma City

It’s a fact of life: Gofers break shafts. It’s no crime that we often want to try out replacement shafts in golf club store before we buy them.  

The best golf club store in Oklahoma City, Tour Quality Golf, provides premium club repair services to help you re-shaft without any hassle. We are the only company in Tulsa certified by GolfWorks™ to offer services like Club Fitting, Club Repair, and more!

How Do We Replace Broken Golf Shafts?

First, you want to replace the golf shaft as soon as you know its damaged to keep from making it worse (your shots won’t be the same with the proben club anyway). Before attempting a repair, make sure to check your shaft’s composition. There are different ways to fix steel and graphite shafts. But remember, fixing your golf shaft is DOABLE.

  • Get a new shaft.

    We’ve partnered with different world-class golf brands so we can deliver the best equipment for you. We offer club repair and refinishing services, too. For shaft replacement, visit our website and get your new club custom-fitted. Hence, connect with us through sales@tourqualitygolf.net or give us a call at (918) 221-7096. 

  • Unglue the broken shaft.

    The broken shaft is held in place using a vise, and then the hosel is warmed up using a heat gun. Warming up the hosel causes the adhesive to loosen, allowing you to detach the shaft from the head easily. The correct amount of heat can vary by shaft. Use medium heat for graphite shaft and higher heat for steel shafts. Remember to be cautious when using a heat gun! The last thing you want to have to do is get yourself fixed up before you finish with the club shaft.

  • Remove the broken shaft.

    As soon as the adhesive melts, remove the broken golf shaft from the hosel by pulling it.

  • Measure the new shaft.

    Ensure your newly installed shaft fits its desired length. Otherwise, there will be an immediate and undesirable impact on your swing and game performance. Leave a mark on the area where to cut the shaft to get a precise measurement. 

  • Cut, cut, cut!

    It is necessary to use a hacksaw for steel or graphite shafts, and a bow saw for wood shafts. Do this carefully and slowly to achieve a clean, precise cut.

  • Apply epoxy in the hosel.

    Thoroughly coat the interior part of the hosel and the tip of the shaft. This ensures stronger adhesiveness to hold the hosel and the shaft together. Remember to slide the shaft slowly inside the hosel, then turn it gently until the clubhead is perfectly aligned to the shaft.

  • Dry it!

    The shaft should be removed carefully from the vise to avoid smudging the epoxy. Use a thinner or other type of solvent to clean up excess epoxy. Then, let the club dry standing upright for 12 hours.

Replacing a busted shaft isn’t rocket science, but if you don’t want to take chances goofing up the new one, have Tour Quality Golf’s repair shop take care of it for you!

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