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Golf Driver Fitting Services: What Makes It so Popular Here in Oklahoma?

The possibility of hitting faster and further off the tee increases if you have customized equipment to match your body and the way you play. Golf driver can get expensive– make sure you’re not wasting money on equipment that’s not a fit for you. 

As the level of play for the average golfer improves, we have to think of ways to improve our versatility and playability on the greens. A common misconception is that getting a customized fit is only for advanced or pro players, but how can you be one if you’re still trying to adjust your swing to your club instead of the other way around? 

Finding equipment that matches your swing dynamics, spin rate, and all other aspects of suitable golf equipment could be the easiest way to boost your game. Golf expert Matt Trimbur said, “I urge you to get fit for a driver so you can optimize your launch conditions and maximize your driving distance.” Driver fitting makes a massive difference in your overall performance. Fortunately, the experts from Tour Quality Golf have all the knowledge, tools, and technology necessary to perform this service. 

Explained: Golf Driver Fitting 

Golf driver fitting is a very detailed process. It requires the customization of many different aspects of your club to unleash its full potential. Driver fitting boosts distance and stability, making way for a better hit off the tee. Here are five aspects that are measure during the driver fitting process. 

Loft. The loft is the angle of the clubface concerning the shaft. Hence, a customized loft angle can pave the way for a higher ball trajectory and launch angle. 

Speed. Longer drives are a result of higher ball speeds. Club speed depends on your swing dynamics, tempo, flex, and shaft weight.  

Spin rate. Spin rate is the aspect that boosts your distance and ensures your ball gets more reach. If you’re a player with high speed, a lower spin rate is necessary to launch the ball and vice versa for players with low speed.

Length. Driver shaft length is measured to get a perfect mix of consistency and distance for your driver. 

Launch Angle. Maximum accuracy and distance are achieved by customizing your launch angle. Launch angle, loft and swing should match perfectly with each other to reach your full potential. 

Golf Driver Fitting Process

Driver fitting is a popular golf service here in Oklahoma. But, before getting your club customize, you must be familiar with the whole driver fitting process. Educating yourself will help you get the best custom driver that you deserve. 

  • Interview

Here, you’ll have to determine what your goal is. Then the technician will evaluate your overall performance, physical capabilities, and budget. Your answers will impact the following steps on the fitting process, so it is essential to address every issue and concern before moving to the next step. 

  • Static measurement

Your journey to a perfect fit starts with measuring your height and wrist with respect to floor measurements. The accuracy of static measurement will give you the best specification of the clubs that suit you and your game. 

  • Model Selection

Here, we’ll dive deeply into the product specifications that match your preference and your statistics. Hence, different tools and technology are used in this step to get the perfect design for you. 

  • Shaft

The best shaft flex and weight for you will be determine using a shaft optimizer. Customizing your shaft increases the accuracy and distance of your game. 

  • Final Specifications

A Launch monitoring technology will be used to finalize the previous specification. Hence, ball speed, accuracy, and flight are measured to drive better length and adjustments for your head.

  • Grip

This is a very crucial step because many golfers fail to get this. Here, the size, texture, and feel will be consider to get the perfect grip.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of ways to elevate your play, but it starts with the quality and fit of your equipment. Experience Tour Quality Club Fittings with Trackman: Full Bag Fittings, Driver & Iron Fittings, Wedge Fittings and Ball Fittings are available at Tour Quality Golf.