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Golf Driver Head Refinishing: How to Get the Best Out of it?

Golfers spend almost a thousand dollars on each new set of golf clubs. It’s a good thing that golfers have been versatile and discovered ways to experience a brand unique feel from their golf equipment. One alternative to new equipment is club refinishing. 

Say your driver suits you perfectly: It has the perfect fit, and you play some of your best games with it– for now. After almost ten years of pushing your equipment to do well, you might notice some changes in its performance and appearance. Wear and dings will start to be visible and, unfortunately, make it look overused. That is a clear sign you need to get a new club set or get a driver head refinishing. Hence, get to know more about golf club refinishing services here

Reasons Why You Need Refinishing

A true golfer never wants to be separate from their beloved driver. If you want to give your putter a new look or you want to upgrade your flex, golf club refinishing gives you possibilities. 

  • Saves Money

One of the best reasons for driver refinishing is to save money. It’s far cheaper than buying a new set! 

  • Restores your driver’s brand new look

No matter how well you take care of your driver, time will make it look old eventually. The key to restoring your driver’s brand new look is refinishing. The service renews the look and shine of your driver. 

  • Improves driver’s performance

Besides looks, driver refinishing also upgrades your driving distance, angle, and ball trajectory.  

  • Promotes Confidence

Having one old looking, weary club in your golf bag can impact your confidence, and every golfer knows that confidence is half of the game. Making your driver suitable for your style and body type will give you confidence (so will that pretty club!).  

The Art of Refinishing Process

Driver refinishing is a way to make your clubs pretty, but it also impacts performance. Here’s the process of driver refinishing:

  • Initial Assessment

The initial assessment includes checking a few different things, particularly the loft and lie. Loft and lie need to be adjust before moving on to the next step. Skipping this step might cause a negative effect on the outcome. 

  • Shaft Prepping

The shaft is then disassemble. Hence it includes cleaning and checking the hosel depth to make sure that it fits nicely into it. After removing the grip tapes and cleaning the shaft thoroughly, they are put in a spine finder.

  • Getting Rid of Old Plating

The old plating is remove carefully in this process, just like it sounds. 

  • Groove Checking

The groove depth will be check and analyze. Here, blasting and polishing will be done to remove all the dents, wears, and dings. A professional’s unique touch is needed here because we don’t want our driver to lose weight. 

  • Length, Swing, and Weight Checking

Here, the shafts are dry fitted, and lead plug weights are install. Their length, swing and weight are rechecked carefully before installing ferrules. 

  • Assembly

This is a crucial step because the spine impacts a consistent swing weight. The spine is aligned perfectly, then glued using a unique mix of epoxy, then left to cure for 24 hours. 

  • Grip Installation

The grip is recheck, assuring that all of the grips are of the same weight. Accuracy is the key to  a straight and consistent shot.

  • Quality Assurance

The loft and life are recheck. Ferrules are turn and clean with acetone. Then, the final cleaning is done. If you can see yourself in your refinished equipment, you’re all set!


Every golfer wants eye-catching, functional equipment. But it is uneconomical to buy a new club set if you still have a fully functioning one. Fortunately, driver refinishing is available. Are you interested in refinishing your putter, wedges or irons? Hence, we offer custom finishings from flame, black oxide to restoration services. Tour Quality Golf, the only company certified by GolfWorks in Tulsa, provides top-tier golf clubs and club fitting and repair services. Come in today!