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Golf Buying Guide: How to Pick the Right Golf Clubs

In any sport, you’ve got to know your gear in golf clubs. The equipment serves as an extension of your body, so it is crucial to get comfortable with it and make the most out of it. 

When you head into your local golf pro shop, the ocean of golf club options can get overwhelming. You’re presented by brands with different product labels saying they are the “most forgiving” or “produce the best feel”. Taking the label’s word for it is little better than guessing, and you won’t guess if you’re serious about improving your game. The right golf clubs could dramatically change the way you play, the way you handle your swing, or your handicap.  

Choosing the Right Height

Having the correct golf club size is a must when it comes to mastering the art of golf. There are two ways to determine whether you have the golf club that perfectly caters to your mechanic, specifically your height. The first way is to use a cross-referring golf club length calculator. For example, Golf Monthly recommends that when your height measures to 4ft 9″ or 5ft 0″, you have to subtract 2″ from the standard length of the golf club (and so on). 

The second way is to use standard wrist-to-floor measurements. All it takes is standing straight with your feet slightly apart, hands at your sides, then bending your non-writing wrist up. A crease will appear where your wrist and your hand meet where you will begin measuring. 

Characteristics of a Good Golf Club 

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the golf club. Of course, you want it to work for you. You can’t randomly select a golf club to use or your games will suffer. You have to make sure it has the following qualities of a good golf club:

  • Perfect grip thickness 

Your grip can make or break your game. If your grip feels off, this may be all it is. You can check your grip on your own. Just hold the club using your middle and ring fingers of your hand while trying to touch the pad with the thumb. A grip is too big if your finger doesn’t touch your thumb. 

  • Precise shaft flex 

Do you slice or hook? This might be a case of low shaft flex. Flex represents how much force is needed to transfer energy to the golf ball during your swing. The general rule is to determine your swing speed first. Thankfully, there are golf retail stores and pro shops ready to take this measurement and help you find the right flex for your swing.

  • Flawless loft

It’s all about the angle. The best golf club must have a loft based on your clubhead speed. Remember, the loft is the angle formed by a line trailing down the center of the club’s shaft and face. If you observe that your ball goes further than you anticipated, you may have a relatively low loft. Adjusting the loft can have a ripple effect on your performance.  

  • Right clubhead 

The bigger the clubhead, the better? Well, there is a better chance of a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI), which means your off-center performance will be better with a larger head. Try different clubhead sizes to see how they perform for you. A good fitter will help you narrow your choices. 

There is a golf club for every golfer. You just need someone to fit them for you. We offer only the best golf clubs for sale in Tulsa. Our clubfitters here at Tour Quality Golf will make sure your clubs each fit you like a glove. Call us at (918) 221-7096 today!