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How to Choose the Right Custom Golf Shaft

It’s hard to choose the right golf shaft. Every year, golfers spend millions of dollars trying to find the club that’s the most natural fit only to find out they haven’t got any idea what shafts are right for them. A custom fitting can make the difference in a lot of cases. More often than not, a custom club will add 20 to 25 yards of drive and a heap of accuracy. Think of the club shaft as a golf clubs’ engine.

There are few things to remember before choosing a golf shaft. It’s fine to know what you “like,” of course, but getting an analysis of your own swing to help you determine the flex, length, composition,etc…matters a great deal to getting the right shaft into your hands.

Don’t Guess, Get Custom-Fitted!

Gone are the days when custom fittings are only offered and reserved for tour players and five-day-a-week club members. Today, any golfer can get a properly fitted set of clubs. Today’s technology puts custom fittings in reach of most budgets, and the performance benefits make it worth the extra money.  With the right shaft, consistently striking the center of the face gets a lot easier. 

There are many options when it comes to shaft fitting. Golfers should consider their shafts’ characteristics, such as weight, flex, and torque, since these elements directly impact the feel of the swing and consistency overall.

How to Purchase a Custom Golf Shaft Online?

You aren’t a golfer if you haven’t sliced, hooked, or hit the ball too high or low. Have you ever found yourself in the trees? It could be that you’re compensating for equipment that doesn’t fit your body or your swing. While a properly fitted shaft won’t magically fix your game, it can take inconsistency and strain out of your game.

1. Characteristics Matter. 

Understanding the characteristics of a shaft is essential. Note that each golf shaft contains a set of specifications that make it unique. Flex gets talked about all the time, but there are others, and they’re important. In addition to flex, overall weight, torque, and kick-point deserve consideration.

a. Flex. The ability of a golf shaft to bend is called flex. Usually, a shaft bends when force is applied during the golf swing. 

b. Weight. This refers to the weight of the shaft in grams. Find how heavy a shaft makes you feel confident as you swing. 

c. Torque. Torque is the twisting of the shaft. Higher or lower torque impacts control and can help correct tendencies or work to promote a draw or fade. 

d. Kick-point. Kick Point refers to the apex of the bend in the shaft flex during your swing. It will decide how high or low the ball will launch from the clubface. 

2. Purchase from a Reputable Company. 

Look for a shaft made by a well-established company, not a random bargain shaft. Tour Quality Golf offers cost-efficient custom golf shafts online. There is a wide range of possibilities waiting for you there.

3. Say no to “Off the Shelf” Shafts. 

Before investing money in quality golf equipment, invest enough time and patience to get custom fitted shafts.

4. Weigh your choice. 

A shaft that is too light or too heavy can make it difficult to maintain swing, tempo, rhythm, and timing. Overestimating a shaft’s weight means disregarding other shaft variables. Match the clubs’ weight with your transition and strength.

5. Graphite Over Steel. 

New players often start with steel shafts, but those who want to play their best graduate to graphite shafts sooner than later. As the gap in price narrows, it makes less and less sense to bother starting with steel. Choose the shaft that creates less vibration on impact to hit the ball straighter and farther. 

These are just a few points to consider in selecting a new shaft. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a reputable club fitter. Tour Quality Golf is a GolfWorks™ certified fitter. We make it easy to find the club that fits you and your game.

We take the time to get to know you and your game prior to fitting you with the perfect club. Join the growing number of golfers that have stopped fighting their body’s and equipment in order to get a consistent golf game. Visit our website and get custom-fitted now. You can also reach us at sales@tourqualitygolf.net or give us a call (918) 221-7096.