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Shoot Under Par with Graphite Design Tour AD HD Available at Tour Quality Golf

Sometimes we focus on getting the most famous golf clubs such as Graphite Design Tour AD HD to take to our game. We often forget that players have different styles in hitting a shot and analyzing every stroke to execute. This is a must-read if you’re one of those players who doesn’t focus on shaft flexes. Shaft flex in your golf club affects the impact, accuracy, trajectory, and distance of your shot, so getting the right flex means better performance on the course.

Why Get the Right Graphite Design Shaft Flex?

Flex is your shaft’s ability to bend as you swing and apply force into it. These forces vary depending on the golfer’s swing kinematics: fast, slow, smooth, and jerky. Shaft flexes are often rated as X, S, R, A, and L.

You are free to choose the kind of shaft you purchase, whether a stiffer shaft or a shorter shaft, depending on your preference. However, it would help if you noted that as the shaft flexes, the club is affected. Players target perfectly straight or parallel to the target line impact at every shaft. Not getting the proper shaft flex for your shaft results in club misalignment, off-target shot, and weak impact at the shot.

Getting the correct shaft flex is a combination of quality equipment and a skilled golf customizer that will help you get your perfect flex and fit. Tour Quality Golf can undoubtedly give you the golf equipment you dream of and the perfect shaft flex you need for your game.

Things You Shouldn’t Miss about Graphite Design Tour AD HD

Every year Graphite Design has an addition to their family of golf shafts. Tour AD HD is one of the most exciting shafts released in 2021. Here are four things you shouldn’t miss on this fantastic shaft.

Fast Taper TechnologyGraphite Design Tour AD HD boasts the Fast Taper Technology (FTT) that improves the overall feeling of maximum club head control at impact, increases the clubhead speed, and improves the golf swing consistency on every shot. FTT incorporates a specific portion of the mandrel that creates its unique shaft profile. 

  • Material Stiffness Integration 

Of course, graphite design always has its Material Stiffness Integration (MSI). It is Graphite Design’s phenomenal design concept on their golf shafts. The material is made from graphite fiber and resin, engineered ideally to contribute to the feel, consistency, and distance of golf shafts. Graphite fiber improves the vibration at impact, while resin absorbs the excess vibration to create the “exquisite” feel. 

  • TORAY M40X

The new TORAYCO M40X material is 30% stronger in flexural and compression strength than its predecessor, allowing our engineers to design a shaft that is stronger yet slightly lighter in weight. With these carbon fiber materials, players can load the shaft with more energy and increased ball speeds and distance. 

  • HyperDrive Look

The wise choice of color palette and bold graphics makes this shaft a head-turner. Its matte-white finish with subtle light blue and black accents leaves great eye appeal. The sparkle effect on its light blue palette adds to the elegance and power of this shaft. You notice a small “Accuracy and Distance” at the logo tip, an effective branding strategy in graphite Design’s end. The overall visual design allows you to feel the “HyperDrive” this shaft offers.

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