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Reach Your Swing’s Potential with Tour Quality Golf’s Shaft Fitting Services in Tulsa

If you’re serious about playing better, invest in the right “transmission.” Newer golfers often believe that any shaft brand, flex, or weight plays the same. Not so. If you want improved distance, trajectory, and accuracy in your play, you want the correct shaft for your physical build, playing style, and ability level. 

Every golf brand offers different definitions of shaft flex. With so many shaft options available, it can be tough to ascertain which a golfer needs. Fitting services help golfers solve this conundrum. 

The best shaft for your friend might be the worst match for you. With professional advice and cutting-edge technology, your best drives are within reach with a shaft fit to you and your style. Explore how a reliable Tulsa fitting service, like Tour Quality Golf, can improve your game performance. 

Is Custom Fitting Golf Shafts Worth It?

Choosing the right shaft is as crucial as finding the right clubhead. With gear that doesn’t match their swing characteristics, players struggle to hit accurate, straight shots- and they end up compensating in ways that build bad habits.

A fitting is worth your time. 

Look Out For These Five Key Fitting Specifications!

Fitting is about a lot more than what the shafts are made of. Here are some characteristics to take into consideration: 

  • Weight

The weight of the shaft contributes most to the total weight of the entire golf club. The shaft weight must be fit correctly to your downswing force, aggressiveness, and tempo. Once matched, expect consistency on your swings and shots like you haven’t experienced before. 

  • Flex 

The bend capability of your shaft matters the moment you start to accelerate your swing. Playing a driver with the shaft flex that matches your swing speed makes creating solid contact easier. A session with an expert fitter can aid you in measuring and determining the best flex rating you need to achieve proper loft. 

  • Kick Point

In layman’s terms, kick point is the specific place at which your shaft bends the most – it is where flex happens. While a change in kick point won’t necessarily fix a bad swing, using one that matches you facilitates improvement on trajectory and feel. 

  • Torque

Torque is often considered an “invisible” spec. Hence, the Torque is just as important as flex. It is your shaft’s resistance to twists and does a huge impact when it comes to the overall feel of the equipment. Stiffer shaft feels offer lower torque, while  softer, smoother feel provides higher torque. A fitting specialist can tell you the right amount of torque for your playing style. 

  • Length 

Of course, if you want to gain control of your golf shots, you have to consider the shaft’s length. Perhaps the root of past misses is in having too long or too short a  driver. Hence, a fitting specialist can help you find the most effective length for your body type and swing. There’s no magic length; everybody needs to be properly fit. 

Nothing builds power and confidence in your game like knowing you have fitted golf equipment in your bag. If you want to reap the benefits of a great shaft, come visit our expert fitters at Tour Quality Golf in Tulsa. We have the expertise and tools to help you get the right shaft for your best possible swing. Connect with our experts today! Call us at (918) 221-7096 or visit our site here.