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Golf Galaxy vs Tour Quality Golf: Where to Find Better Game?

People pay a lot to keep up or stand out while on the greens, and while there’s no lack of diversity in equipment, Tulsa only has a few options for where to buy it. Who do you trust? 

Should You Buy at an Online Golf Shop or a Local Retail Store in Tulsa?

You can’t blame consumers that prefer online shopping to stores. It’s convenient. You can do it in your underwear. Right? But there are good reasons that local shops continue to thrive. As long as your local store keeps a Tour experience, your hands will long for clubs that you’ve tested there during a professional fitting

Golf Galaxy and Tour Quality Golf, both local golf shops. They offer comprehensive online golf stores letting you shop state-of-the-art equipment from the comfort of your home. Their websites carry products from many of the best golf brands. You can also learn from professional golfers and get detailed overviews of their equipment to help you choose. They have a lot in common, but what makes Tour Quality Golf stand out is their separate club fitting studio and golf club repair shop.

A Side by Side Comparison: Golf Galaxy and Tour Quality Golf

You don’t need to pay high prices for lower scores. Once you find the right shop with the most skilled golf professionals and the best equipment deals, you’re set to hit more fairways. Golf Galaxy and Tour Quality Golf each offer a world-class golf shopping experience. 

But to make things clearer for you, here are some similarities and differences between the two shops for you to consider for your next golf purchase:

  • Years of Service

Since 1997, Golf Galaxy has been serving the Tulsa area with superstore golf selections and pro shop knowledge and service. Tour Quality Golf, on the other hand, started locally six years ago. Soon after, Tour Quality Golf proved its name by being the only company certified by GolfWorks to perform all facets of the repair, club building, and customization.

  • Golf Products

Both companies ensure you’ll acquire quality and performance through a wide array of brands, including, but are not limited to, Callaway, Cobra, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Tour Edge, and the Titleist more. To help you play better, clubs from these shops are customized to fit you and your playing style. 

  • Service Options

While Golf Galaxy offers excellent club repair and regripping services, Tour Quality Golf takes an edge with more than a handful of options to gear you up and get you fitted. The shop prevailed as a top service provider in Tulsa. It has earned a massive following for craftsmanship and service that doesn’t break the bank. 

  • Delivery

Offering same day service in most cases for club repair, both Galaxy Golf and Tour Quality Golf vouch for an instant transformation of your golf gear. Since they also offer free shipping, expect smooth transactions and swift delivery when you shop from these sites.

  • Guarantee

Golf Galaxy is known for its ‘Best Price Guarantee’, where your chosen golf club is set at a lower price compared to a qualifying retailer’s price. While this sounds good to your ears, Tour Quality Golf in Tulsa guarantees nothing but 100% satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, the whole team steps up until you’re more than ready for your game.

Final Verdict

Tulsa is lucky to have access to top-notch quality clubs. It has excellent service from both Tour Quality Golf and Golf Galaxy. So, if you’re looking for consistency and a way to get your handicap down, experts from these shops can help you! But if you want to experience more personal and professional golf services,Tour Quality Golf is an excellent choice. Your best games are within your reach. Visit Tour Quality’s site and shop with confidence today!