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Why Do We Offer Custom Golf Club Fitting?

When a golfer takes the game seriously, seemingly insignificant details can help him or her reach big goals. The right attention on the right things makes for growth.

Professional golf club fitting is an element of preparation many people assume won’t have much impact. Here at Tour Quality Golf, we use our launch monitors to test your swing in order to give you the most precise club fittings.

If you want to put together the best set of golf clubs for your swing, you need to get technology to work on your behalf. The precision of modern custom club fitting has made the most effective purchase of new golf clubs a collaboration between the customer and the club fitter.

Before a proper club fitting happens, a fitter collects and analyzes vast amounts of data. Tour Quality Golf is the only GolfWorks-certified facility in the Tulsa area. Our staff has the credentials and experience to help you build the perfect set of clubs for your playing style.

A set of customized golf clubs can benefit any golfer, regardless of skill level. Beginners can maximize their golf lessons and improve rapidly if they have a proper set of clubs. Even the most skilled golfers can benefit from a set of customized clubs because the fitting is the first and most crucial step in ensuring that each club in a set matches the golfer’s build, swing, and style of play. They invest much time and effort experimenting with various clubs to find the ones that feel and fly the best.

Why not shorten that timeline?

What is a Custom Golf Club Fitting?

Even the world’s best golfers are always looking for ways to improve their games. With properly fitted clubs, the golfer’s swing can actually improve because he or she is no longer fighting a mismatched club to get the most out of a swing.

Even the greatest athletes in the world can’t quite reach their highest level when using ill-fitting equipment. Only around fifty percent of today’s golfers have their clubs fitted properly. Even if they are playing to the best of their physical abilities, they still need opportunities to lower their scores on the course due to the clubs they are using.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Fitted For Golf Clubs?

A club fitting is distinct from a golf lesson. The fitter will evaluate your swing in its current state. Any advice they give you may do more harm than good, as any temporary changes you make may not stick and represent your actual game. Therefore, you should refrain from attending a fitting with the belief that custom clubs will, for example, correct your slice. Fitted clubs can help you handle poor swing mechanics but you will still need coaching to correct poor swing habits. Before getting custom-fitted clubs, you should take lessons to correct obvious swing flaws if you dislike your swing. Remember that a good golf course strategy can only be replaced by something else.


Professional custom golf club fitting is one of the most important things a golfer can do to improve their game. One critical aspect of one’s game a fitting can help address is to increase driving distance. This is because the average golfer’s driving distance can usually improve more and more quickly than other aspects of the game. Your fitter will assist you in locating the clubs that provide the most distance regardless of where you strike the ball. Your trainer will recommend these clubs.


A club fitter will assist you in finding the proper equipment to correct poor shots, like slices and hooks.  


If you have your clubs custom-fitted, you will have a much clearer understanding of your ideal shaft’s material, flex, and weight, in order to facilitate the best launch and ball flight. 


Often, a golfer will see greater value for the money purchasing larger clubheads with greater forgiveness. You need to get fitted to know if the clubhead you are using is too large (or not large enough!).  

Regardless of your golf level,having the right equipment for your game will help you get the most enjoyment out of the sport. How you feel and perform on the course will depend on the quality and fit of your equipment. Tour Quality Golf offers premium fitting with premium equipment– and, you can also practice with your newly fitted clubs in our indoor golf facility! 

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