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How a Golf Ball Fitting Works

Using the proper pieces of equipment for your golf game is an essential part of living up to your full potential on the course. While no amount of equipment will hit a shot for you, the game is much more comfortable with the right gear. Having quality equipment is not about purchasing the most in-demand, expensive products on the market. It’s about finding the piece that suits your game to get the best performance from your swing dynamics. And, there is much more to golf ball fitting equipment than clubs. Aside from the 14 you can carry around, other golf essentials like gloves, shoes, apparel, and balls can also impact your performance.

Today, most golfers understand that the right ball can make a world of difference in their performance on the greens. It is often an underestimated part of every golfer’s game. Little do they know, it can have a surprising impact on their scores at the end of the day. If you play a random golf ball, you are likely giving up a few strokes. But with so many balls available on the market, finding the right one can be both exhausting and time-consuming. Fortunately, it is an easy problem to fix, thanks to the science of golf ball fitting.

Explained: Why Balls Fitting Matters

Choosing the right ball is as crucial as finding the right club. Every golfer should remember that golf ball fitting is not as simple as driver fitting. Golfers often get custom fit for irons and drivers, while only a few put in effort to fit themselves for golf balls. At a consumer level, many golfers think that a ball is just a ball. However, golf balls are not all the same. While they may have a similar color, size, shape, and dimpled surface, their trajectory characteristics, specification, and spin rate vary.  More often than not, a player who cannot distinguish between golf balls has never hit several shots with different golf ball models before. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to get a ball fitting to know which one suits your game. 

There are different constructions of golf balls, which means that you can purchase one to maximize your performance. While it is fun to try new gear and see how it can change your game, it’s smart to have a professional golf ball fitter to recommend the right ball for your play. 

What Happens During a Golf Ball Fitting?

A golf ball is one piece of equipment that players will use on every shot. There are several game-changing performances and quality differences between golf brands and models. Regardless of age, skill level, or gender, every golf player can benefit from a golf ball fitting. 

What happens during a golf club fitting?  
Step 1: Assessment and Interview Process

Every golf ball fitting process starts with a getting-to-know-you conversation. The fitters will assess your game, performance objectives, and personal preferences. They might ask you questions like, “Do you prefer a ball that’s a little softer?” or “Do you want more control or spin around the green?”

Step 2: Swing and Ball Flight Analysis

After the fitters get to know you, it is time to evaluate your shots on the course. They will monitor your swing speed, spin rate, and launch angle. You will also test out several golf balls under different conditions and compare each option to your current ball with launch monitors. The data gathered during the process can show your spin rates and trends – whether a certain ball type flies a little longer or lower, for example. The fitters should ensure that you wind up with an option or two that can give you optimal distance and control and make you comfortable on the greens. 

Step 3: Recommendations

Once you have tested several golf balls and gone through the fitting process, your fitter will recommend the golf ball that best matches your swing. If you find little difference in the launch and spin off the driver using different golf balls, the fitters will fit the ball to the wedges and irons to achieve maximum performance of the course. 

A premium-priced golf ball could still hinder your performance, and that can be an expensive undertaking. So get your ball fitted and play the ball that best alights to your performance and budget to help you play better, shoot lower scores, and enjoy every game even more! Schedule your golf ball fitting at Tour Quality Golf so we can help you optimize your performance and enjoyment. Isn’t that what golf is about? Call (918) 221-7096 today!