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Baker’s Custom Golf vs. Tour Quality Golf: Which Is the Best Online Store for Your Golf Needs in Tulsa?

Even if your best PGA friend recommended you a club, you wouldn’t drop three or four digits without trying it yourself. You don’t want to just know it’s a quality club. Hence, you want to be sure everything about it works for you including: the weight, length, feel, look, and more. Check out the Tour Quality Golf for more golf equipment.

You aim to be a better golfer, and so you fancy having a good, personal set to help you keep up on the green. Some circumstances, however, hinder players from taking a drive to the nearest pro shop or golf store to purchase a new set or get fitted. Luckily, the internet solved this problem by providing shops you can buy from while you sit on the couch.

If you’re a golfer around Tulsa, Baker’s Custom Golf might be your favorite off-course specialty golf shop for club fitting and repair. Their 43 plus years in business have earned them a loyal following. Its owner, Brian Baker, provides a great shopping experience to his consumers.

If you love to explore, Tour Quality Golf also offers high-quality golf products and professional fitting and repair service. TQG also offers a killer web store at TourQualityGolf.net. 

Should You Buy Golf Equipment Online? 

You might wonder if online club shopping is your best bet, or even wonder if it can be trusted at all. After all, you’re making an important purchase and it’s essential to understand how your new golf equipment will perform. But since you’re facing your computer screen and not a launch monitor, it’s tough to break free from doubts.

Here’s the thing: Every golfer is unique. You have your own grip and swing, which means what works for others may or may not work for you. This individuality is the reason why a visit to a golf shop where experts evaluate your game play is still important. 

What to Expect of Tour Quality Golf Online Store? 

Apart from a much wider potential selection of golf products, another reason why online shops are so popular is the convenience of buying with one click and having the clubs arrive as soon as the next day. It also gives you a chance to be in front of the best deals on the market. At Tour Quality Golf, wherever you are in Oklahoma or beyond, you’ll have great access to the  finest golf products. Notably, there are other reasons why you won’t regret shopping your golf set at Tour Quality Golf’s online store:

100% Satisfaction

While you can trust that Tour Quality Golf only offers state-of-the-art equipment from the best golf brands, the whole team aims for your satisfaction. After purchasing from the online store, you can get the most of your clubs with their professional club fitting sessions.  

Tour Premium Materials Only

Tour Quality Golf is also recognized for high performance clubs made from premium materials and the latest technologies. Whether you prefer stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum, you can be sure that your club will be personalized. It is to provide tour-level performance at a lower price point. 

Free Regripping Service

Your clubs should always be in tip-top condition. Once you purchase grips from Tour Quality Golf, you are granted free regripping when you need it. Add more consistency and control to your shots after you talk to TQG’s expert club repair technicians. 

One Year Club Tune-ups

You’ll get a whole year of personal tune-ups for clubs purchase from Tour Quality Golf. Through a careful diagnosis of your swing and specifications, the expert clubfitters from the studio will hand you the best possible club/shaft combination. If necessary, they will also look after your clubs’ loft and lie angles and evaluate your shaft and grip for better game performance. 

Secured Shipping and Delivery

Tour Quality Golf guarantees that all transactions are secure and products would arrive at your door on time. If you have any concerns on delivery and shipping, their sales team can always be reach at salestourqualitygolf.net or by phone at (918) 221-7096.

Play Better Golf, Shop at Tour Quality Golf Today! 

Of course, you still need to get a good grip to test whether any club you just ‘check out’ is right for your game. Baker’s Custom Golf can assist you once you drive your way to their shop. But if you’re up for today’s latest offering and exclusive deals, Tour Quality Golf’s website is just waiting to get you started. Expect hassle-free shopping with Tulsa’s #1 club-fitting and club repair shop since 2014. Shop and get fitted today!