Tour Quality Golf Tulsa: A Comprehensive List of the Best Golf Grip Brands in the Business

A Golf club has three main parts, the head, the shaft, and the grip. All golfers, amateurs, hobbyists, and novice players know that every single part of their golf club must not just have superb outer designs; they must also have excellent quality. As much as possible, they must be comfortable to use. When it comes to grips, a golfer must not settle for less; they need to pick the best golf grip where they will be comfortable with every swing.

A great hold of your grip can assure every gamer a great grasp of the game. There are several kinds of materials where grips are made of. It can either be rubber or leather which can come into an assortment of ridges, grooves or small holes. However, keep in mind that these assortments are not just there as a design, but it is also for the sake of the comfort it brings.

Good thing, there are several brands every golfer can trust when it comes to high-quality golf grips, although if you are at Tulsa, you can have the golden chance for your golf grips to be customized based on your needs and wants.


Golf Pride has been providing the golf industry with exceptional and high-quality golf grips for the last six decades. Their discovery of the slip-on-grip and the avant-garde hybrid grips help them in creating a name in the industry. As one of the leading global brands of golf grips, they never stop on innovating and searching for advancements in grip technology for the greatest enjoyment and maximum performance of every high-class novice, rising amateurs, and everyday golfers.


All the way from Newark, Ohio, Golfworks has been providing only nothing but the best golf club equipment and services since 1976. They are the leading one-stop shop for any golf need of any professional novice or hobbyists, and all of their ironwoods and woods are all designed by him and their technical team. With several combinations of mathematical formulas and laws of physics, they were able to come up with their very own Maltby Playability Factor. They assure golfers that every part of their golf equipment, especially golf grips are made in the most meticulous way.


Lamkin was established on 1925 by Elver Lamkin. This man has a passion for crafting leather grips and when he passed his legacy to his son Robert Lamkin, the company began to manufacture not just leather but even rubber hybrid and synthetic rubber grips. They have exerted this much effort for their consumers to have a cheaper choice of a product without sacrificing its quality. As of today, after more than ninety years of service, Lamkin has genuinely become one of the trusted international brands of golf grips.


Odyssey is under the Callaway Golf Company headquartered at Carlsbad, California. This worldwide brand of golf equipment has proven their dedication in providing nothing but the most exceptional golf equipment, specifically golf grips. They always put their clients as their number one priority. Their grips will no doubt be of top-notch quality as they believe that the golf grip holds the game.

  • PING

From Phoenix, Arizona, Ping was founded by Karsten Solheim. This enormous empire that started as a simple garage business is now manufacturing exceptional golf equipment which has been recognized worldwide because of its astounding qualities. The founder’s frustrations about putters became her inspiration to develop her own and called it as PING 1A. After that one putter, she was able to discover and create her brand of golf equipment and undeniably, their golf grips are indeed one of the best in the industry.


Scotty Cameron, the man behind his self-named company, is a genuine golf enthusiast. However, he never thought that his desire to create the best putters in the world would change the game of golf up to this day. His humble beginnings in the industry started in the late 80s. He designed putters for several well-known companies including Cleveland Classics, Mizuno, Ray Cook Golf Company and Founders Golf. It was already in 1992 when he and his wife decided to create the Cameron Golf International. Since then, this man had not only provided the best-quality putters in the world but also come up with excellent quality golf equipment including exceptional golf grips that will surely help leverage every game.


An early rising brand of high-quality grips, Super Stroke has a passion for innovating golf grips. The company believes that a better grip can bring better shots and create more putts. They stand firmly on their David and Goliath mentality where they think that competition is a must in producing top-quality products. It fuels their passion for working harder for every passionate golfer.


Team Golf has been in the industry for over twenty years in Carrollton, Texas. They have become the largest supplier of NFL, MLB, NHL, and other golf accessories in the country. For two decades, they have been standing with the combination of their passions, “golf and sports.” They pride themselves on their high-quality products which include golf balls, headcovers, towels, cap clips, divot tools, golf bags and most especially golf grips. They believe that in providing top quality grips, they are giving their consumers the best golf experience.


Tiger Shark is based in Warren, Mich and has been recognized as one of the most renowned and oldest brands when it comes to golf. Tiger Shark has over 1400 accounts all over the USA which include Golfsmith, Edwin, Nevada Bobs, Pro Golf and a lot more. They have been shaking the industry with their highly innovative grips, putters, wedges, hybrids drivers, women’s club and other performance-driven golf equipment.

  • WINN

This golf brand has been standing firm with their catchphrase of providing “the ideal grip for every golfer.” They are the first ever manufacturer of the finest polymer golf grips for every hobbyist and professional golfers. This company continues their efforts in innovating different kinds of grips for tennis and bicycle but most especially golf grips to provide a significant level of performance for every field participants.

There are a lot of brands which you can trust when it comes to choosing your golf grips, but nothing’s comes better than customizing your golf grips to your own needs and liking. The best option for every golfer is to call for an exclusive golf club services that offer exceptional customization of golf grips. Tour Quality Golf at Tulsa can give every golfer, novice players, and hobbyist the best golf grips to their liking, to satisfy their artistic wants and provide them with the comfort they need to make the perfect swing at all times.