Tour Quality Golf—Your Advanced Putter Fitting Partner in Broken Arrow, OK

A golfer’s score each round depends on putting by approximately 40%. However, it’s quite ironic that players rarely give attention to this critical element. Have you ever wondered why mostly, you are throwing out shots unnecessarily? Whenever you buy a putter, you must keep in mind that instead of looking out to the designs of the putter head, you must give more consideration to the four essential elements—length, loft, lie angle and weight balance. If you’re confused about these factors, then let Tour Quality Golf guide you. With our professional and efficient putter fitting services, let us figure out together a more effective way of controlling your speed and line which will then ultimately lower your scores.

Make a Huge Difference by Getting Your Putter Fit Today!

As a golf player, if you are not confident with the look and feel of your putter behind the ball, then you would find yourself struggling to line up the putt accurately. Here are some fundamental insights which can make you see why connecting with a putter fitting specialist from Tour Quality Golf is a must.  

  • Length

Golfers have different heights, arm lengths, and postures. It’s only logical that the putter’s length must be custom fit to ensure that you wouldn’t need to scrunch up your arms into your body or to stretch out while stroking. Tour Quality Golf can help address this issue quickly as it often results in putting inconsistency or worse, injury.

  • Loft

If you want to ensure the ball rolls smoothly at impact, the putter’s loft should match the position of your hand. Think. Do you press forward whenever you are about to start your stroke or do you prefer to position the ball back at the center of your stance? If this happens, then you need more loft. On the other hand, if you usually position the ball ahead of the center to the front of your stance, you would need less.

  • Lie Angle

Based on various laboratory studies, even a four-degree error in lie angle setting can lead you to get a directional error of over 1.4 inches at a distance of 10 feet. If your putter has a loft, it means that if the heel of the putter is off the ground at impact, then the face is pointing somewhere instead than facing the intended target line. To achieve accuracy, the putter must be custom fit so that it sits perfectly in the center of the sole from heel to toe. It must be adjust to fit your posture and not the other way around.

  • Weight Balance

One of the most exciting developments Tour Quality Golf can offer when it comes to putter fitting services is the possibility to add weight in the grip end of the putter. Based upon a careful analysis of the player, we can add a specific weight balance that allows you to become more consistent. Fondly called by golf professionals as counterweighting, we can install 60 to 100 grams weight in the grip end of the shaft. This innovation can help you perform smoother strokes than before, achieve center hits and gain consistent distance control.

How Can We Help you Maximize your Potential?

With years of working in the business, the experts from Tour Quality Golf in Broken Arrow, OK have noticed that many players perform consistent violations of proper putter fitting essentials. With almost no shortage of golf club brands available to the market today, players often take the essential elements for granted. However, even with hundreds of options at the market, you would find it hard to find a particular model that can fit what you need. By checking out our putter fitting services, you can find logical reasons why your putter must be custom made for you. Modesty aside, we are the only golf club fitting and club repair company in Broken Arrow, OK which is certified by GolfWorks ™. Rest assured that when you come to our shop, we can help you achieve your best performance possible!