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How a Custom Wedge Fitting Help your Gameplay in Tulsa?

Tulsa is perfect for golf: It’s a family-focused community with picturesque landscapes and large lush greens. Golfers of every skill level take time to improve their skills in the green by joining training courses and purchasing the right golf essentials. The wedge is a major factor in a golfer’s game (and score). The wedge is the highest-lofted club designed for chip shots, pitch shots, or strokes played out of the sand. Players can hit shots that ascend or descend sharply to save par. Experts recommend that golf players customize their wedges to achieve better performance with crisper shots and trajectory control to improve their scores. Fortunately, there are a vast array of custom fitting services in Tulsa to help ensure that players have the right wedges for their swing to fully develop their games.

Why Custom Wedge Fitting is Essential?

Going back to the time when golf was not yet a professional sport, players had limited options when it came to wedges. It became a reason why golfers struggled to control their swings and aim. Better club designs changed what was possible. Each player should have clubs that fit their game. Every golfer has a definite, unique swing, which is why custom club fittings so often result in lower scores.

The primary aim of a wedge fitting is to determine the specific swing of a player, his or her preferred shot(s), and the kinds of conditions s/he usually plays in. Out of sync wedges and swings make good swings a little less good and bad swings catastrophic.

Factors to Consider in Custom Wedges          

Custom wedge fitting plays a vital role in achieving your best scores. Here are some factors to consider in wedge fitting:

Length and Lie

Lie angle has an impact on how the direction of a ball takes off from the face of the club on impact. A high, upright lie angle may lead to the left edge, while a forward angle may send the ball to the right.


Choosing a correct shaft is also a must. Lighter, longer shafts are more flexible and provide more potential for distance. Shorter staffs tend to be heavier and stiffer, and they don’t send the ball quite as far. The goal is to find the right combination of angle and length while balancing the player’s need for distance or control in their golf game.


Balance is an important ingredient in playing a precision sport like golf. Body pose is a big factor in aiming for a specific target. Thus, getting the right weight and swing position significantly impacts gameplay.

Proper Angle

The proper angle and position of the feet, head, back, and hands are essential factors in hitting the target. The grip angle also determines how the ball leaves the surface of the club head.

Grip Size

Most golfers can use a standard grip; however, some golfers need a larger or smaller grip size. Having the wrong sized grip can wreck your game because it reduces your control at ball impact.

Every golfer has a distinct approach to the game, so it is necessary to obtain the correct equipment to match one’s swing and maximize performance on the course. Most players tend to disregard that the specifications and characteristics of wedges have a significant impact on the performance of a club. A proper wedge fitting is essential in the overall scoring ability of a player. Most wedge manufacturers release a broad spectrum of finishes so that amateurs and professionals have several options on the aesthetic and feel of the wedges inside their bags.

Tour Quality Golf recognizes that every golfer is unique. With years of excellent service and experience, we offer complete, top-notch custom wedge fitting services to provide the right set of wedges to fit your game. Connect with us by calling (918) 221-7096 to set up your custom wedge fitting appointment in Tulsa!