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Factors to Consider in Getting a Putter Fitting Services Broken Arrow

In golf, putting is the largest deciding factor in how well you score. It is what separates the pros from the mini-tours and the amateurs. The putter is also the most unique club in your bag. There are many different types and styles. Demand for putter fitting services keeps increasing. Why? Because it can literally be a game changer, knocking strokes off of your scores. 

The Importance of Putter

In many ways, your golf score reflects your putting ability. The putter is perhaps the most straightforward club in a set, and some might go as far as to call it the most important. No other club can substitute for what a putter does. It is true that, in a pinch, some golfers have putted with the edge of a short iron- but they haven’t started carrying an iron in place of their putters! Your putter is used at nearly every hole. The old saying, ‘Drive for show, putt for dough’ is true.

It is also often said that an individual who is putting the best will probably win any given tournament. That tends to be true because so many of those talented golfers are hitting the ball well, hitting a lot of greens, and playing superbly from bunkers when they do miss that a solid putting game makes the difference. So, the number of putts a golfer nails from over ten feet can really determine a winner.

So, putter fitting becomes important whether you’re a professional golfer or not. The point of putter fitting is to find the specs that allow you to find the “sweet spot” to your shot to the target line. You can get more distance, and putter fitting can knock off a couple of strokes off of your score.

Factors in Putter Fitting

Putting is such a mysterious science that if you had a perfectly balanced, perfectly equipped putter, it might decrease your putts per round by less than one stroke. But before resorting to a putter fitting, consider these factors:

  • Form of Stroke

The sort of stroke that you have may determine the ideal putter for you.  

  • Head Balancing

Consider balance first. A good fitter will help you decide between a face-balanced putter and a toe-hang one.  

  • Shaft Length

The wrong length of putter can make it very hard to nail down a consistent put stroke. 

  • Form of Grip

Sometimes grip is about taste, sure. But, the wrong grip will increase wrist strain which, in turn, will kill your consistency.

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The putter accounts for about a third of your strokes, so it’s a big deal. Getting your putter fitted will have more of an effect on lowering your scores than anything else you can do in the short run.

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