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Winning The Indoor Golf Tournament

As golf simulators have become popular, indoor golf tournaments have become a favorite pastime of golfers. Is winning indoors different?


The first indoor golf appeared in the 70s, but those are far different from the high-functioning tech we have now.

In the 1990s, indoor golf simulators began a string of continuous advancements. Still, the fundamentals are the same, even as displays progressed from two dimensional shapes to immersive, realistic courses.

Today, indoor golf simulators allow you to choose the environment you play in – sometimes, famous golf courses are available for a real-time experience. Modern indoor gold also has precise calculations of your launch, swing, and all your performance mechanics. Up until now, simulators have been improving to achieve a life-like feeling.

The Rules of Indoor Golf Simulator

Winter is approaching, but it’s not a problem if you want to play golf. You can enjoy and play regardless of the weather, plus you can choose your favorite famous course! Even though indoor golf does a great job of imitating the live course these days, knowing a few things about the indoor game will make it easier to play your best.

  1. The Tee Boxes

Tee boxes are the area where you start the game. Male players will hit or play from the blue tees in a golf simulator, while women can play from the white tees.

  1. The Tee Shot

Both players bring their golf equipment to play the game. After setting up, players will hit a tee shot, just as you’d expect. The golf simulator will then give feedback on whose shot was better and why. You can highlight the better shot, then hit “OK.”

  1. Your Golf Lie

Modern golf simulators allow your swing mechanics and playing data to be recorded in the system. In the upper right corner of your screen, your lie is listed. The screen displays how you can hit your shot and from where you can hit it.

  1. Putting

When putting, you are given a 3-foot distance allowance. During the tournament, you can re-putt until you get a perfect putt, but the simulator will add one stroke to your score.

  1. The Rule of Unplayable Ball

When you decide that you have an unplayable ball, the golf simulator will give you five relief options (instead of three in real life). You can choose to Drop, Rehit, Free Drop, Safe Drop, or Mulligan for this indoor golf tournament. However, if you choose the latter three, they will be visible on your scorecard, and a 2-stroke penalty will be added to your score.

  1. Rules on Tie Breaker

If there is a tie, the team with a better score on the most challenging handicapped hole will be favored. For example, there is a tie on a hole. Ties will be decided by the 2nd hardest, then the 3rd, and so on.

  1. Unregistered Shots

Once in a while, a golf simulator will fail to register your shot. In that case, players will be given a chance to replay the shot without a penalty. Shots unregistering are rare but not unavoidable. They happen a lot more often if you hit wild (which, indoors, can mean hitting the ceiling for example)!

  1. Technical Errors or Difficulties

Just like unregistered shots, technical errors on the simulator are rare but unavoidable. In case the error is severe, the simulator needs to be rebooted. The game will resume where the hole is last played before rebooting.

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