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Experience the Premium Trackman Technology only at Tour Quality Golf

Most golfers develop terrible playing habits because they are subjected to them frequently. This is where talented golfers take advantage and make themselves stand out. They use Trackman Technology and they play more than you could ever imagine. And they take time analyzing every shot, monitoring their launching data, and doing things the right way.

One of the most breakthrough technologies in the golf industry is the Trackman Unit. This new technology focuses on tracking necessary data from your golf wing and mechanics so that you can improve areas you are lacking.

Using TrackMan is one of the most effective ways to improve your practice sessions and discover and eliminate poor behaviors, so you can begin lowering your scores. Plus, newbies could benefit the most since they will avoid adopting many of the poor habits that so many more experienced golfers struggle to fight!

How does Indoor Golf with Trackman Technology work?

Let’s get into detail how Trackman technology works:

  • Launch Monitors

Trackman technology uses Doppler radar to track the movement of the clubhead at the impact zone. You can also track golf balls in full flight until they land to gain maximum launch data. The good thing is, the clubhead and the golf ball are tracked using an innovative 3D movement to give honest time feedback.

In Trackman 4, our launch monitors work using two radar arrays which work separately. Instead of tracking both the club and the ball simultaneously, they are tracked independently to deliver precise results. Only Trackman 4 has this dual-radar technology.

  • Capturing Data

In capturing data, knee-high to knee-high measurements are done, which takes up to 4,000 data points in just 0.1 seconds. Trackman technology can report impact data while the maximum compression is measured at the golf club’s center. It is done to have minimal to no error in data reporting and to ensure ultra-high precision tracking.

  • Tracking Ball Flight

The entire ball flight is track in real-time to know what happens during ball flight. Environmental variables can be convert so that we can find out the ball’s performance under certain conditions. However, it would help if you kept in mind that this is a simulator and environmental conditions vary compared to real ones. Also, it is recommended not to use different kinds of golf balls every session.

  • Weather and Altitude Conditions

Playing golf in the traditional course has certain variables to consider, like the weather and altitude conditions. Although these factors are not in indoor golf’s dictionary, camera systems and technology can estimate and make assumptions about these variables. Using Trackman, you have an option to put or omit wind effects, weather variables, and altitude levels.

  • Spin Measurements

The spin measurements under Trackman are unique due to their patented methodology. Spin data has an accuracy tolerance of 20 rpm, less than 1 percent of a typical driver.

We have a patented method of measuring spin unique to our technology. The accuracy tolerance is 20rpm, so less than 1 percent on a typical driver. The best spin is determine by club speed and attack angle. Any player may use Trackman to find out what their ideal numbers are.

  • Trackman Indoors

For indoor golf, there should be 3m of ball flight to take precise measurements. The golf club data is collect the same way as those outdoors. And because the ball-flight couldn’t be track fully in a simulator, they are calculate based on the launch conditions and initial flight. Trackman is continuously improving the simulator, allowing golfers to play over 85+ of the world’s best courses indoors.

  • Putting using Trackman

Putting analysis is measure by Trackman 4, which enables certain unique functionality, such as green-reading analysis. The putter head, stroke tempo, shaft angle, and golf ball skid/roll are measure in Trackman. It usually takes 20 seconds to set up and calibrate the system. Plus, it doesn’t require sensors and any marking on the ball.

New Place, More Indoor Golf Spaces

Indeed, an indoor golf simulator with Trackman Technology can help you improve your game. So better give it a chance. Since you guys loved our indoor range, we decided to expand and transfer to a larger space. Our new location would be 6006-A South Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK 74145. For more updates, follow us on social media or visit our website.