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Frequently Asked Questions about Indoor Golf | Tour Quality Golf

There are many reasons people are engaging in indoor golf activities today. It could be because of the pandemic, the weather, and a busy schedule. But, one thing is for sure, indoor golf allows us to play our favorite sport all year round. Furthermore, indoor golf allows us to enjoy playing golf in any way we want since technology has made remarkable advances to make playing unique.

Best of all, indoor golf allows us to play any time of the day without worrying about the weather. You can also be creative and integrate playing with other social activities. Having the opportunity to play in an indoor golf simulator through Tour Quality Golf is a total win.

FAQS When Playing Indoor Golf 

Practicing indoor golf boosts our drive to play since we are given information about our strengths and weaknesses. They are always accessible and cost-effective, making them a great tool to help us play our best. To get the most out of playing golf, here are some FAQS:

How accurate is indoor golf?

Of course, the first discovery is not as accurate as now. The courses are pixelated, and the data faces lots of problems. Thanks to the continuous research and development of intelligent golfers, today’s golf simulators evolved into a reliable source of data. Lots of models also emerged over the years, and most of them show excellence in preciseness and accuracy. However, no matter how much we dislike it, they all come with a price.

Can I bring my equipment?

When playing indoor golf, it is recommended that you bring your favorite set of clubs and clean and unmarked golf balls to get the most out of it. With this, you’ll find comfort and peace of mind when playing, and also you will make minimal adjustments when you bring them to the course. It is also recommended that you custom-fit your clubs so that you get the best experience.

How long does it take to complete a round?

One indoor golf simulator session consists of an 18-hole round that takes approximately an hour per player. For instance, if you want a foursome, renting the simulator for four hours is recommended.

Indoor golf simulators are so prominent that golf shops are almost fully booked every day. So, what will you do if your time runs out while playing your round? It would depend on the situation. When someone is scheduled after you, you would have to leave your game with-in 5 minutes after your scheduled end time. If none, you should extend your rent in the simulator to finish your game.

Can I choose a course?

Of course, you can! One of the most exciting features of an indoor golf simulator is that you have access to plenty of online courses with different difficulty levels. Since Tour Quality Golf offers Trackman, we have the famous Royal St. Andrews, Pebble beach, and another hundred plus courses for you to choose from.

Are they beginner-friendly?

Due to its versatility, playing indoors is one of the best ways to learn to play golf. The friendly environment allows you to know what skills you lack. Thus, allowing room for improvement.

Can I bring my friends with me?

You can bring up to four friends to play in a simulator, considering you rented for a foursome. They are perfect for family leisure time or just a friendly game.

Is our indoor golf expensive?

Golf simulators may be considered costly, but they’re definitely worth the investment. They feature high-technology software which allows you to record and analyze your golf shots. There are cheaper indoor golf courses available, but they feature mediocre and standard technology.

Final Thoughts

Indoor golf is a relatively new idea compared to the game of golf, which has been around for about 600 years. On the other hand, its appeal is indisputable, and the number of methods to enjoy it appears to be growing by the day. It’ll only become more significant with so many individuals devoted to continuing to create this novel version of a very traditional game. You can book a 2-hour indoor tee time with 18 holes Trackman through Tour Quality Golf for only $49.99. For details, call us at (918) 613-6246, and we’ll be happy to assist you.