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If you are a golf enthusiast, you probably are a club member now. It offers many advantages that can help you become a better golf player. Hence, joining a club membership should be on your bucket list if you are new to golf. Although you must join the club to enjoy those benefits fully, you may learn everything about them now.

Why should you join local golf club membership?

Joining a golf club means more opportunities and exceptional benefits. These changes will allow you to improve your game, spend time with friends and fellow players, and get the most of the advantages provided by golf clubs. Here are some reasons you need to join a local club membership near you. 

You’ll get a handicap.

To get a golf handicap, you need to submit three scorecards to the club where you have a membership. With the official handicap, you will enter tournaments and competitions. There, you will have chances of victory and championship. 

Discounted rates tournaments and services. 

Being a golf club member always have discount rates on tournaments and other services. Being a club member would be worth the investment if you are always present in the course since the fee would be a lot cheaper than standard ones. 

New friends and an extensive network 

One of the best advantages of being a club member is developing your social life. It connects families, friends, business partners, and even prospective clients. Being a member of the club allows you to meet with people with similar interests. Best of all, you will meet prominent people that might help you have a massive leap in your career. 

Membership Packages from Sheridan Club Membership

Now that we know the benefits of joining a club, you might consider joining one. However, choosing what club you are joining should be thought of carefully to be worth the investment. Here’s what you’ll get when you join Sheridan Golf Club membership: 

Silver Membership

With Silver membership, you’ll get 4 hours of play or practice and 1 guess free per month during our shop’s operating hours. The bag tag and member number are included in the package and 50% off on the golf instruction. Best of all, you’ll get a 25% discount on tournament entries. 

Gold Membership

Gold membership gives you all the benefits from the silver package. 7 hours total of play or practice plus a limited 24hr access. A total of 2 free guest passes and 1-hour golf instruction per month. You can also enjoy 20% discount labor on golf repairs, 50% extra bay rentals and guest fees, and 50% discounts on tournament entries.

Diamond Membership

Availing Diamond Membership gives you all the benefits of Gold with unlimited 24-hour access plus 10% off all apparel. 2 additional free guest pass is added, so now you have a total of four. You can also enjoy a total of 2 hours of golf instruction, 50% off on labors of golf repairs and fittings, and a 75% discount on tournament entries and priority bookings.

Family Membership

Signing up on Family membership gives you all the perks of the diamond package for all members living in the same household, including children under 18. Family membership is ideal for those families who love golf. 

The Takeaway

If you play golf regularly, say more than three times a month, there’s a solid financial case to be made for becoming a member of a golf club. In addition to saving money on each round of golf, becoming a golf club member comes with a slew of other perks. However, it all boils down to what you value the most when it comes to golf. Join Tour Quality Golf’s Sheridan Club Membership and get lots of discounts from our services. See more details by visiting our website