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The Benefits of Being a Member of Tour Quality Golf’s Sheridan Club

Our Sheridan Club Golf Membership brings the best indoor golf experience available anywhere. 

With our top-notch indoor facility, you will not have to worry about the weather. One of the advantages of being a golf club member is you have unrestricted access to the course. Just book your time, grab your sticks and play a few holes whenever suits you. You get the country club experience while being in a climate-controlled 24/7 facility, and practice and play even during the cruelest weather.

One of the benefits of being a golf club member is that you decide how long a round takes. Had a terrible round and rather be in the clubhouse? Just pick it up and carry on. 

Unlike when you’re paying full visitor fees, you have no obligation to stay on the course for the full 18 holes. Nine-hole rounds are becoming a trend as people want to include golf in their busy schedules. In the last 12 months alone, the nine-hole round play’s number has more than doubled!

Sheridan Golf Membership will also allow you to meet and converse with a lot of golfers, from golf beginners to golf connoisseurs that come from around the world all throughout the year. 

Reasons to have a Sheridan Club Membership

You Can Play All Year Round 

The weather outside won’t matter once you’re inside our facility. Whether it’s 100 degrees outside with 85% humidity or 15° outside with a foot of snow, you can play at the Sheridan Club. The “winter break” will be obsolete as we hold leagues and tournaments throughout the year.

Many, Many Virtual Golf Courses to Choose From

Location of play won’t bore you with our many virtual golf courses. Here you can play in Germany without setting foot in the airport just to play their famous golf courses. 


Tournaments and competitions are held year-round for everyone to win some serious prizes. Whether it’s gift cards to the pro shop or winning our yearlong FedEx cup style contest, there’s always an extra reason to play. 


We offer full-service club repair and are the only fully certified GolfWorks repair facility in the Tulsa area. Our master club builder has over 20 years of experience. So whether it’s a simple grip replacement or a full-on custom build, rest assured it will be done right the first time. We also have a full PGA tour level build facility in-house. 


Ready to become the best golfer you can possibly be? Our PGA-certified instructors are available to help you elevate your game to the next level. We work with beginners all the way to PGA tour major champions. 


We have the largest selection of equipment  in the entire state of Oklahoma to fit you with the gear that matches your body and style of play. We have the largest offering of custom and aftermarket shafts in the state. If you aren’t getting fit for your clubs with us, we can guarantee that you aren’t playing your best golf. 


Being a member of Sheridan Golf Club will give you access to a lot of virtual courses and give you a ton of experience, all while enjoying the company of your fellow members.

A lot of discounts are a bonus of being a member! We aim to provide a space where men, women, and children who have a passion for golf can come together and enjoy themselves. Make your whole year “peak season” and play anytime you want! Join the Sheridan Club now and take advantage of all of the perks.