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The Benefits of Sheridan Club Membership

Here at Tour Quality Golf, we aim to create a community such as Sheridan Club where you can meet and converse with like-minded golfers from different locations. We want a place where men, women, and children that share the passion for the game of golf can all come and enjoy themselves without an ounce of judgment.

Here are some reasons why being a Sheridan golf club member can be beneficial:

  • Great Golfing Experience  

With the help of the latest in golfing technology, Trackman 4, we made sure that you will enjoy your time on the virtual links! We take pride in the facility and our service, and with over 100 virtual courses available, you’re not going to get bored.

  • Develop Personal Relationships

Bring friends to golf with you, and meet some new golfers while you’re at it! The result of the time you spent with other members can lead to lifelong friendships both on and off the course.

  • Develop Business Relationships

Business meetings on the golf course don’t have to come with sunburn. Make your next deal at the (virtual) Copperhead!

  • Family 

Get close to your partner doing something fun, and get a little peace of mind knowing that your children are spending time with people with similar values to yours. And who doesn’t want their children golfing than playing games on their phone or at home?

  • Surrounding yourself with quality individuals

Jim Rohn famously said that “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” Combine that sentiment with the importance the environment plays, and you realize we should pay closer attention to where and with whom we spend our time.

When you’re a Sheridan Golf Club member, you spend your time with other successful people. This is an environment that you will cherish and be proud that you are a part of.

  • Golf Teaches Life Skills

Golf requires many of the same skills needed in life, like patience, focus, perseverance, optimism, hard work, determination, and strategy.

  • Personal fitness

Flexibility, core stability, balance, power, and coordination are some of the physical attributes you need when playing sports. Just like other sports, golf is great for your overall health.

Conclusion For Sheridan Club: 

Being a Sheridan Club Member has its perks, but the discounts and the virtual courses are just a plus. We take pride in giving you the best experience in virtual golf at a climate-controlled indoor facility near you!

We aim to provide a space where men, women, and children who have a passion for golf can come together and enjoy themselves. Make your whole year peak season and play anytime you want! Sign up for a Sheridan Club membership today!