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Golf Shaft Shopping Guide: Tour Quality Golf

Stop knocking yourself out: You may think that you’re game is not improving. A visit in your golf bag may be the key, and the culprit could be your club’s shaft. A lot of factors such as torque, length, and weight affect club performance, especially when you compare the performance of a custom shaft to a standard one. With a custom shaft, you can manipulate it to have a better swing and longer and straighter shots.


Before making a new purchase, take some time to reflect on your performance. It doesn’t make sense to change out a set that works well. Instead of joining the latest trend craze, consider where your current setup is not doing well. It may be trajectory, ball flight, distance, or impact issues. When you know where you need improvement, you’ll know what to look for in your new shaft.

Golf Shop Tulsa: Custom Golf Shaft In a Contrast 

What do I need to know to make sure I’m getting the best shaft for my gameplay?

  • Stock Shafts

Stock shafts are shafts that came pre-installed on a driver you buy at a store. Shaft quality has steadily climbed over time, but having the most appropriate shaft according to your style will give you fewer points. Stock shafts are not custom-made for each golfer’s playing style. They aim at the golfer’s most common or average traits and try to work it the same way for everyone.

  • Custom Golf Shafts

Custom golf shafts usually are upgrades from pre-installed shafts in store-bought golf clubs. They are expensive due to their state-of-the-art technology and materials. With a good fit, they’re proven to improve your game consistently.

  • Investment worthy

Golfers with medium to high swing speed benefit the most from custom golf shafts. Players who are aggressive from the back to downswing. Having a custom golf shaft is also advisable if you feel the club bending in the air during a swing.

  • Advanced custom fitting

The perfect golf club is the product of precise fine-tuning. We recognize that every golfer and golf swing is unique; that is a fact. Here at Tour Quality Golf, the only certified shop by GolfWorks™ in Tulsa-we spend time getting to know you and your game before fitting you with the perfect club set. We have a complete set of club fitting services for you, from the driver and shaft fitting to a gripping analysis.

Stop hesitating, pay a visit to Tour Quality Golf, and look at the biggest lineup of golf gear in Tulsa. You may also try our indoor golf, which uses Trackman 4 technology. Improve your golf game with us here at the best golf shop in Tulsa, or visit our website for more information.