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Tour Quality Golf’s Custom Refinishing Services Now Available in Tulsa

Most people spend around a thousand dollars on each new set of golf clubs. Golfers have been versatile and discovered ways to experience a brand’s unique feel from their equipment. But there’s an alternative, club custom refinishing.

Let’s say your driver suits you and your style perfectly. It has a perfect fit, and you play your best games with it. After a decade of pushing your club to do well, you’ll notice changes in its performance and aesthetics. Wear and tear will start to be visible, making it look overused.

It is an obvious sign that you need to get a new club, or maybe a custom refinishing service can get the job done.

Reasons to Consider Custom Refinishing

Like any sports enthusiast, true golfers don’t want to be separated from their favorite clubs. If you want your club to have a new look or upgrade it, a custom refinishing service can give you a lot of possibilities.

  • Money

Who doesn’t want to save as much money as possible? It may not cost just a penny, but it’s cheaper than buying a new set.

  • Restore 

Your driver might be well taken care of, but no matter how well you care for it, its age and sign of use will show. With a skilled professional, the restoration will bring the best out of your driver.

  • Improve 

Besides the improvements on the aesthetics side, custom work on your club can also be an upgrade to its performance. A rework or conversion on your putter can prolong distance, better angle, and ball trajectory.

  • Regain Confidence

An old club with obvious wear and tear inside your bag can impact a man’s(or woman’s) confidence. In golf, everybody knows that confidence is key in this game. A club that suits your desired looks and playing style will give anyone the necessary confidence.

Refinishing Process

Custom refinishing services give a person many options, and here are some parts of the process for club service.

  1. Assessment

Assessment is the first step, which includes checking things about the club, so you and the skilled professional who do the work are on the same page regarding what service is to be done.

  1. Shaft Prepping

Disassembling of the shaft starts this process, then cleaning and checking the hosel depth to ensure fittings. After removing the grips and cleaning the shaft, they are put in the spine finder.

  1. Getting Rid of Old Plating

The old plating is remove carefully so any wear and tear can be see.

  1. Groove Checking

Groove depth will be check and analyze. Blasting and polishing will remove all the wear and dings. This process requires a skilled professional so the driver won’t lose weight.

  1. Length, Swing, and Weight Checking

The shafts are to be dry fit, and lead plug weights are install, checking the length, swing, and weight carefully before reinstalling ferrules.

  1. Assembly

The spine impacts a consistent swing weight, which is a crucial step. It has to be align perfectly, glued using a unique mix of epoxy, then left to cure for 24 hours.

  1. Grip Installation

After checking the grips, the worker ensures that all of the grips are of the same weight. The key to a straight and consistent shot is accuracy.

  1. Quality Assurance

After everything is done, things are recheck. Ferrules are turn and clean thoroughly. Final cleaning is done to check further and ensure the work that has been done.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone wants aesthetically pleasing yet functional equipment, yet buying a new club set is uneconomical if you still have a fully functional one. This is why Tour Quality Golf is offering our custom refinishing services. Suppose you’re looking forward to getting your putter, wedges, or iron serviced. We offer our custom refinishing services in different finishes. Tour Quality Golf is the only company in Tulsa that is GolfWorks certified.