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Why It Is Worth the Money to Explore Golf Club Refinishing in Tulsa

Golf clubs are an investment. Just let the numbers speak for themselves. Higher-end brand-name golf drivers could cost in excess of $1,000. Good-performing wood sets could go for around $1,500 while sleek iron sets could hit $2,000 or more. More than financially, club purchases are an investment in making your golf game better. They are made to serve you for years, which is also why it’s hard to part with them once they start wearing out. 

But using worn golf clubs could affect your game in a bad way. And as much as you want to boast about shiny, brand new ones on greens, purchasing won’t always be a smart financial move. The good news is that you don’t really have to get new clubs. Golf club refinishing makes it possible to breathe life into your 3-4-year-old set (while finally getting rid of the thought of just throwing them away). And when in Tulsa, a reputable golf store can provide the best service. 

Replace or Refinish: What to Choose? 

Letting go of an old favorite is never easy. But it’s also hard to keep up with everyone’s scores when you’re hitting a driver with dings and scratches. So you end up choosing from two options: You either go to the nearest pro shop and take advantage of today’s golf club advancements or turn to a trusted refinishing service in town. So, how does one know what is best for them and their play?

The biggest sign you should look for when considering a switch to new equipment is performance. If your iron or wedge lacks grooves because of too much wear, you shouldn’t think twice about replacing it. But if your grip is coming apart or you’re bothered with bearable cosmetic issues on your gear, there’s hope of having your clubs refinished or re-gripped. Golf club refinishing is undoubtedly a less expensive way to get your favorites back to their former glory. 

5 Ways Golfers Can Take Advantage of Golf Club Refinishing

All golfers agree that two of the most important factors on a golf course are placing a great score on a scorecard and appearing stylish after giving your friends a hard-fought, decisive game. But if you’re using a rusty, used club, you might not feel very comfortable even standing on the green. 

Here are ways you could benefit from golf club refinishing: 

Brand New Look

With refinishing, clubs go from looking like something you’d put in a garage sale to immaculately restored clubs. Usual services under refurbishment include polishing the sole, re-painting scoring lines, removing nicks and dings, and more – all to make it appear like your clubs just came from the factory floor. 

Personal Touch

If you ever looked in a tour player’s bag, it is common to see lots of paint fill and custom stamping on their equipment. Refinishing is a quick way to stand out, show your support to your favorites, or simply upgrade your club’s looks. Whether you need minor or extensive modifications, an experienced refinishing expert can ensure the best outcome when adding personal touches to your clubs. 

Exceptional Feel 

Playing with an outdated iron or a driver might cause you to lose yards or even end up with extra strokes on your scorecard. So, even if you don’t feel the need for new clubs, a tune-up could guarantee the feel and performance to keep you playing your best rounds. 

Prolonged Equipment Lifespan

The longevity of your golf clubs is entirely dependent on how frequently you play and how well you care for them. A club can last for a lifetime if repairs are made and, of course, with refinishing to keep it in pristine condition. 

It Is for Anyone and Any Golf Club

Refinishing is no special service. It works for different types of golf clubs and players of different abilities. You could benefit from it not just in terms of restoring your club’s glamor, but also with the support it can give in performance. 

Golf club refinishing can be tedious for the inexperienced. Only trust the experts to do it! Tour Quality Golf prides itself on its golf refinishing services that are trusted by golfers in Tulsa. We care about customer satisfaction as much you value your old, favorite clubs. You don’t need to put them away already! Visit our site to learn more about fantastic refinishing options to bring them back to the game.