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How You Can Keep your Golf Equipment in Like-new Condition

Good golf clubs are a financial investment as well as an investment in your gameplay. Irons and woods can cost a lot. Drivers alone can cost over a thousand dollars. When players purchase their equipment, some sellers do not say much about the dos and don’ts of golf equipment maintenance. Some golf shops may tell the buyer to do something like using long neck head covers for graphite shafts, but that is only general advice. If golfers can adequately care for a set of clubs it can last a lifetime. 

Golfers should regard regular maintenance of golf equipment, especially the big guns, as part of the game and not a chore. Golf clubs are assets that require your attention to ensure long-term sustainability and practical usage. When compared to other sporting equipment, golf clubs cost considerably more up front. So, it is up to each player to ensure that they properly maintain and protect their investment. 

Golf 101: The Importance of Golf Equipment Maintenance

It can be tough to perform maintenance on a schedule. For most, maintenance and care start with a regular inspection until the standard of their game demands an upgrade. There is no reason to throw away every piece of golf equipment like clubs, shafts, or grips due to poor upkeep or negligence. However, some golf gears are different from others. For instance, drivers do not see too much sunlight, so maintenance is low. However, the base of drivers can take pounding over time, especially when players frequently play on rough courses. 

Meanwhile, putter maintenance is its own animal. Any signs of nicks along the shaft or peeling of grip is an indication of a problem.

Tips: The Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Your Equipment 

Natural wear and tear occur with all pieces of golf equipment, but there are ways to take care of your clubs, balls, tees, and even gloves. 

Here are some tips on keeping all your equipment in good condition:

Rule #1: Don’t take your frustration out on your golf clubs

Dealing with bad shots seems to be a big issue among golf players since a single bad shot can carry on for the next few shots. Some golfers (other ones, but you’ve seen them) smash their clubs on the ground or throw them when a shot doesn’t go their way. At risk of stating the obvious: That’s bad for the clubs and your reputation.

Rule #2: Don’t store wet clubs

After a rainy day on the golf course, avoid storing golf clubs wet. Storing clubs wet encourages rust on the shaft. To prevent rust, always keep clubs indoors and do not store the clubs in car trunks or temperate locations. Make sure to dry your equipment before putting it away. And, for the love of Pete, don’t leave your equipment outside.  

Rule #3: Clean those grips

The grip connects the player to the club, so grip maintenance is crucial to keep a firm hold on the equipment. To help them last longer, clean your grips by removing dirt, sunscreen stains, sweat, and debris. Clean grips feel good.

Rule #4: Use headcovers on your woods

Aside from making a statement, head covers protect the heads and shafts of your woods when you grab them or other clubs from the bag. For graphite-shafted woods, golfers should get head covers with a long sock.

Rule #5: Dry off the club head with a towel after every shot 

Every golf player should attach a towel to their bag so they can wipe down the club heads between shots. Having a towel with reach is necessary since the face of the club can accumulate sand and dirt. Wiping it off after hitting the ball is the best long-term approach to avoid rusting.

It is essential to monitor dents, nicks and splits on any of your golf equipment because a little maintenance goes a long way. Respect your equipment. If you want to learn golf equipment maintenance, contact the experts at Tour Quality Golf today! You can call us at (918) 221-7096 or contact us through our website.