How To Spot a Competent Company Offering Club Fitting, Bixby

The more companies offering club fitting, Bixby, the more it becomes challenging for some clients to pick the most qualified in town. That is most especially true if one does not have enough knowledge about quality club fitting, not to mention the countless deceiving ads popping out everywhere.

In this post, we are sharing some useful insights on how to spot a competent company for club fitting works.

When scrutinizing the service portfolio, here are some that one should look into:

  • How comprehensive is there list of services – In addition to club fitting, a company that offers other golf services signifies the level of expertise the company has.
  • The number of brands they carry – This provides an idea on how many companies trust a particular club fitting service provider to be their brand ambassador.
  • Good reviews – What other customers are saying about their service speaks a lot about the company’s performance as a provider of club fitting, Bixby. So be wary about other customers’ feedback.
  • How prompt is the customer support – A lot of companies do not put so much weight about their client support team as they should. Be mindful about how they respond to queries as that can make a difference when one needs help in the future.
  • License and permits – A company that secures a license and/or permit to operate means that they are serious about their business and this validates their legitimacy as a service provider.

When asking the company (and / or their customers) about the fitting process, the following should be noted:

  • The service provider asks to swing the current club first – This process is important as this provides a benchmark to make the fitting to successfully deliver the best custom-fit result.
  • They provide a wide range of grip selections – The more options they have, the better are the chances that customers get the best fit, which contributes a lot in optimizing the performance.
  • The fitting session should take a considerable time – If the club fitter does the job in less than 30 minutes, then customers have a valid reason to be skeptic about the quality of their work as this job requires a considerable time to deliver the fitting service that every good-paying customer deserves.
  • Should not recommend what is in stock and on sale – Customers are going for a club fitting service because of the need for custom-fit golf clubs; if they recommend what is in stock or on sale, it defeats the purpose of club fitting.

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