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What Should You Expect in a Custom Club Fitting In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Over the years, golf manufacturers have adapted new technologies for their golf equipment to cater to the needs of every golfer. Gone are the days of checking out pro shops and golf stores to test a few off-the-rack models available. Now, players get custom fit for every combination of shafts and heads. Many golfers, regardless of their level, turn to custom club fitting because they know that custom clubs can optimize performance and are a better investment than clubs selected by trial and error. They now have plenty of opportunities to learn more about custom fitting and components offered in the custom club fitting world.

Professional fitters utilize systems like FlightScope and TrackMan to maximize the performance of golfers regardless of their techniques or skill sets. Their goal is to look for the right club that will deliver the most consistent ball flight for the individual golfer. Through the process of fitting, pros can help make sure a golfer has the equipment that will serve him best, and if he already is, no recommendations should be made.

However, some amateur golfers might ask themselves, “Why do I need a custom fitting session? I’m not a professional player.” Little do they know, the rougher their game, the more they can gain from the process. If you haven’t undergone a custom club fitting session in Tulsa yet, then you’re in for an experience.

How long can your irons last?

The expiration date on a new iron set depends on how frequently you use the equipment. If you notice that the faces of your iron have worn out, expect that some of your shots will be too long or too short. Golfers might decide to replace or upgrade their sets even before wearing out due to releases of advanced technologies and changes in their individual swings. Overall, your irons can last somewhere between 5-10 years, depending on your usage. 

What Happens During Club Fitting Session?

Now that you have booked a club fitting session, what should you expect? If you’re new in the golf world, or perhaps you haven’t gone through club fitting before, you might be curious as to what exactly happens during the session. Here are some things you can expect on a club fitting session:

Interview Process: What do you want to accomplish?

Fitting professionals will ask you about what you’re looking for in your new set of clubs, so you should discuss your goal(s) during the process. Be specific. It is essential that you’re honest and open to let your fitter understand your specific need. Some questions that you might encounter may include your frustrations, resolutions, and current tools. 


Measuring your Characteristics

During this stage, the fitter will measure your height, hands, the distance between your fingertips and the ground, and other pieces of information he needs to fit your new clubs. They may use a specialized tool or a fitting system that will recommend a specific club length, shaft weight, flex, shaft profile, and swing weight. While the system may generate tens of thousands of combinations of heads and shafts, the fitter will narrow down the choices to the best three or four options. Your job is to give your fitter feedback as to which option looks, feels and sounds the best to you.  

Instant Workout: Be ready to swing A LOT!

The iron fitting can be a marathon because you need to swing and hit many balls while the professional fitter monitors you. So make sure to get enough sleep, get hydrated, and warm-up with your clubs before the fitting. Don’t be afraid to take breaks during the fitting session and give yourself a breather if needed since a fatigued swing can result in incorrect feedback (and the wrong clubs!).

Choose the right clubhead and shafts

After analyzing your swing, golf fitters will try to match a clubhead that can optimize lie angle, forgiveness, center of gravity, and several other factors. They will let you try different club heads and shafts to see how each feels to you and how well you hit with the specific club. It might feel like you have an eye exam: “Which one is better, A or B?” 

The result of a custom iron fitting is to improve your performance on the course over your current set of irons. At some point, you discover combinations of golf clubs that feel better and suit your swing dynamics. 

If you want to experience your A-HA moment right away, learn about your game, find the best iron, and enjoy the iron club fitting experience in Tulsa with our professionals at Tour Quality Golf! Take advantage of our club fitting service today to achieve optimum results. To book your next club fitting, check out our website or call (918) 221-7096.