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How a Custom Golf Club Fitting can Lower Your Scores

Buying a new set of clubs is a daunting task.  It can get confusing with the variety of brands out there. Many golf manufacturers mass-produce off-the-rack clubs, and most golfers purchase these clubs without thinking twice. The problem with that approach is that it is highly unlikely that golf club fitting from pro shop shelves perfectly fit the dynamics of your personal golf swing. That’s why club fitting has become key for players in recent years. Playing golf with an ill-fitted golf club can make the game harder than it already is.

Golf club fitting is the procedure of measuring a golf player’s physical dimensions and swing speed and then building the right clubs to match those needs. This process ensures that golfers’  equipment has the proper length, lie angle, shaft flex, and grip size.  

Aside from the measurements of the player’s dimensions, golf fitters also consider the golfer’s experience, typical ball trajectory, swing speed, and direction. Having a perfectly tuned set of clubs can level up your game and help you hit exceptional shot after shot. 

Why Custom Golf Club Fitting Matters in Lowering Scores

Golf clubs are an extension of your body in the swing. So to hit the ball, your equipment should cooperate with your moves correctly. Tour players and avid golfers know the importance of computerized swing analysis and the benefits of clubs that match their gameplay. No matter how good the swing, having ill-fitting clubs can create a variety of shot errors. 

Club fitting has evolved in recent years, and it is now within reach of amateurs and professionals alike. Even with limits on your budget or free time you can still get your hands on custom-fitted clubs that match your swing beautifully.

Since every golfer has a unique swing, speed, and acceleration, matching up your equipment with your swing is necessary to lower your scores. Fortunately, the advances in technology had made it easier to deliver the needs of every golfer when it comes to the right clubs. 

4 Ways to Elevate your Game with a Custom Fitted Club

Every golf tip intends to achieve the same goal – to lower scores. Because at the end of every game, our primary concern if the number on the card. If you’ve practiced your golf swing countless times, but there is no improvement, your swing might be the culprit, or it could be your club. Fortunately, custom club fitting, a straightforward fix for golfers who want to unlock their full potential, is available today. It is a great potential solution that helps players avoid error shots with equipment that fits their game mechanisms. Here are four ways a custom club fitting can take your game up a notch:

Maximize Distance

If you have a custom-fitted clubs in your golf bag, expect to add distance to your shots. Club fitters collect data about the player’s specifications including information on speed, strength, and angle to develop a club with the proper club loft.  With a custom-fitted club, you can drive the ball with the right launch angle. It yield the maximum distance for your swing speed.

Efficient Strikes

Do you find yourself hitting off-center over and over again? If you think that your swing is the only issue, you might want to check if your club is weighted correctly and that the shaft length matches your swing mechanics.

Consistent Impact

One of the upsides of custom club fitting is its ability to hit the sweet spot with a correct face angle. Using a clubface that suits your swing can minimize errors at impact. It is by orienting your shot towards the target every time you hit, which results in better scores.

Correct Misdirection

Many golfers play with clubs that are too flat or too upright for their swing. A custom-fitted club has a correct lie angle that ensures that the ball doesn’t change direction when hit.

Golf Club fitting is an essential piece of the golf puzzle. If you have decided to go ahead with a professional golf fitting to improve your gameplay, make sure that you get the most out of the experience. A  custom-fit club can ensure you that your swing- not your club- is what’s causing any shot misses. If you want to take your game to a high level, purchasing a set of custom fit clubs at Tour Quality Golf is the way to go. Call (918) 221-7096 today and discover how our professional club fitters can help maximize your playing potential on the course.