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What Are the Best Golf Drivers From the Top PXG Retailer in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

As long as the weather permits, golf is a year-round sport in Oklahoma. The golf courses in the city continually challenge golf enthusiasts while providing a relaxing and thrilling round for weekend visitors. Many offer golf lessons to encourage golf players to pick up the game and host tournaments in the area. Every piece of golf equipment impacts the performance of the players. Some golfers shell out a significant amount of money to purchase hundreds of dollars of golf drivers. There is a broad spectrum of top-notch golf retailers in the industry today that make the world’s finest golf clubs and equipment. Despite the variety of providers in the marketplace, none screams winner more than Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG). The people behind PXG aim to deliver the “golf equipment unlike another.” Most golf players look the top PXG retailer in Tulsa and Broken Arrow in Oklahoma to help improve the quality of their play on the course.

Parsons Xtreme Golf: Blast From the Past

Bob Parson developed Parsons Xtreme Golf with the intent of designing the most exceptional golf equipment possible regardless of the cost. He is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who has spent million dollars a year on golf equipment – drivers, irons, grips, and shafts — to help improve his game. Parsons combined his passion for the golf equipment with his financial prowess to create his golf brand. He hired two club designers from Ping – Mike Nicolette and Brad Schweigert – to develop the ultimate golf gear. Parson specified that he needs an iron stronger than any other and the equipment should have a distinctive aesthetic so that it cannot be mistaken for other clubs on the marketplace.

Top PXG Golf Drivers From Tour Quality in Tulsa

Here are few top-notch golf drivers from one of the premier PXG retailers in the state of Oklahoma

PXG 0311 P GEN2 Irons

The PXG 0311 P GEN2 has a similar appearance to the original PXG iron. It is a hollow-body iron with COR2 technology that creates an elastic and soft feeling when the golfer hits the ball. Mid-handicap players find that the 0311 P GEN2 has a nice thump at impact with a powerful sound, signaling that the ball is getting the full impact of the swing.

PXG 0341X GEN2 Fairway Woods

Designers engineered the PXG 0341X GEN2 to create a more direct ball flight, get more distance, and less spin. It has an updated multi-level carbon-fiber crown that reinforces the top of the club at impact. Parsons claimed that the 0341 X Gen2 creates 1-2 mph more ball speed compared to the first fairway woods.

PXG 0311 Irons

Bob Parson and his team designed the PXG 0311 Iron, which runs a couple thousand dollars for a complete set. It has distinctive tungsten screws that serve as weights around the perimeter of the head to help with the higher inertia of the golf club. PXG claimed the 0311 Iron is the most forgiving, softest feeling, highest launching, and longest flying iron on the marketplace.

PXG 0317X Hybrid

The PXG 0317X remains one of the best hybrids in the industry. It boasts a pear-shaped appearance for added confidence at address and an average length from heel to toe. Engineers from PXG retailer in Tulsa developed the 0317X with lower spin compared to the original design which is beneficial for some golfers.

PXG 0811LX Driver RH/LH

PXG wanted to develop a low-spin driver for power drivers, so they engineered the 0811LX Driver with a carbon-fiber crown and patented honeycomb TPE insert to create optimal launch conditions for maximum distance and ball flight without sacrificing forgiveness.

Like any other golf equipment provider, PXG knows that competing in the industry is quite challenging. To create astounding and state-of-the-art products, one has to be fully knowledgeable not just about the game but also how to play it. Golf may be simple to the eyes, but every golfer understands that equipment has its complexity.

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